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HOODS ''time...the destroyer'' | Victory records

hoods HOODS
"Time...the destroyer" (cd)

Added: 2001-05-21
Label: Victory records

 Rating: 3.0/5 (26 votes)


» Review:

One of the most recent additions to the Victory hardcore roster is Sacramento's very own Hoods. Hoods, made up of Mike Hood on guitar, Ben Garcia on vocals, Mario Maynor on bass, and Jeremy Roberts on drums, bring with them a furious assault of in-your-face hardcore accompanied by heavy metal undertones which are sure to leave anyone in the pit sweaty and bruised. Time..the Destroyer marks Hoods first album on Victory, and their 5th album since forming in 1995 . On Time...The Destroyer, it's kill or be killed, and Hoods aren't about to lose. The album rips the listener a new asshole with it's title track, preparing the listener for a chaotic musical experience that is sure to follow. Forest of Suicides and Broken Never Beat continue in this rapid fire attack on the listener's senses. Mike's expertise on guitar highlights this album, and he slides in some incredible metal riffs amongst the hardcore attitude of the rest of the band so perfectly you'd think he was born with a guitar in the palms of his hands. Other songs that are a must to hear are the chugging whirlwinds that are Life, Ahimsa, Endless Pain, and Above This World. Lyrically, Time..The Destroyer is jaw-dropping. Every song is well written and they are easy to identify with, which helps form that bond between the listener and the music, (a bond that seems to be fading away from the hardcore scene recently). With some of the most brutal hardcore to come out from Victory in some time, Hoods will win over even the most stubborn hardcore listener.
- LochnessPimpster


1. Time-The Destroyer
2. Forest Of Suicide
3. Broken, Never Beat
4. Another Lesson
5. Life
6. Ahimsa
7. Your Turn / Mass Control
8. Endless Pain
9. Unforgiven
10. Above The World
11. Deceived
12. Citrus Heights

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