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MISURA ''S/t'' | Rpp records

misura MISURA
"S/t" (cd)

Added: 2001-10-05
Label: Rpp records


» Review:

Awesome split cd with the belgian band Sad Origin

Misura :
This is what it comes to... Misura was formed in late 1998, they quickly recorded their first demo that september. Two weeks later they parted ways with their original singer. His replacement was found quickly, and they started playing shows in october. In november of 1998 they re-recorded their demo with the new vocalist. They continued to play shows locally for the next few months when they met up with twist of faith records who said that they would like to release a cd. In january of 1999, misura entered the studio and recorded the shame of the nation ep. It was released on march 13th 1999 at a show in galloway, nj. They continued to play shows until april 20th 1999, when they took a break to fix some problems within the band. The cd continued to sell and was quickly sold out. In august of 1999 misura got back together and then drummer and co-founder of the band decided not rejoin. His replacement came one week before misura's first show back, and he learned all of the songs in the set and played a flawless show on november 12th 1999. In January 2000, the band recorded 3 new songs that are being released today on RPP records, as a split CD with a Belgian band, Sad Origin. Misura have now finished recording a full length cd "the subtle kiss of a sledgehammer" with logan mader and barry conley behind the board. They have got alot of shows coming up and are very excited to be playing again.
sad origin :


SAD ORIGIN started as a band in the Summer of 1996. After the release of their demo they recorded their first digital child which came out on their own label, Inner Belt Records. They wrote harder songs influenced by NYHC and with lots of double bass. They managed to create a sound of their own and soon, their second child was born. The cd was entitled called 'adesiatoe' (Genet Records). They kept evolving musically and, in the making of the new songs they worked with new guitarwork, a piano and the voice of their new bass player. They recorded 4 new songs in the vein of Fury of Five, Length of Time and Irate and those came out on RPP in August 2000 as a split cd with Misura from USA. In the meantime, the Sad Origin members started a new project called Die... My Demon. This new band became soon even more successful than S.O. and today (2003), it's no lie to say that Sad Origin broke up.

misura"Shame of the nation"
  Label : Twist Of Faith records

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