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GRIEVING DAYS TO COME ''The unsaid everything'' | Tribunal records

grieving days to come GRIEVING DAYS TO COME
"The unsaid everything" (cd)

Added: 2002-06-10
Label: Tribunal records


» Review:

Complex, chaotic, and plain fucking intense, are the three adjectives to describe this Seattle, Washington band. Grieving the Days to Come has practically appeared out of nowhere, but the band is here to stay. Their first release for Tribunal Records, "The Unsaid Everything," is sixteen-and-a-half minutes of thrash metal riffs, razor-sharp guitar melodies, pummeling breakdowns, and sick, twisted vocals that drive into the listener like nails. Songs like "And Then..." and "The Machiavellian," showcase the band's brutal and technical approach, where Lee's guitar attack, Jared's 4-string convulsions, Nick's manic singing, and Quinn's precise drumming create a perfect mechanism for destruction. Yet, the band also has a hinge for melody, which is heard in a beautiful intro of "Hesitating Serenity."

Another impressive component of Grieving the Days to Come are the lyrics. I've said it before and I will say it again, I will take intelligent hardcore lyrics over those of metal any day, and the lyrical content on "The Unsaid Everything" is pretty impressive, dealing with religious, philosophical, and personal issues. While the band definitely takes a no-nonsense approach to its musical and lyrical content, the songs on "The Unsaid Everything" work as a double-edge sword. There is so much complexity that at times, the songs sound disorienting, leaving the listener dazed and confused. Yet, this is the beauty of this disk, as once all the material settles in, one begins to hear the little nuances and appreciate these musical arsonists on a deeper level.


1. And then
2. The machiavellian
3. Into fall
4. Hesitating serenity
5. Constructing ruins
6. The archway

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