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1219 APATHEMY "Encased in black this is forever" (cd)

APATHEMY are one of Detroit's premiere hardcore bands, they first arrived on the scene in 1997 . Since their inception they have been destroying hardcore audiences all over the Midwest and Northeast. They have shared the stage with such prominent acts as Drowning Man, Darkest Hour, Disembodied, Poison The Well and Every time I Die (to name just a FEW!) APATHEMY s first CD, Our Decayed Remains was released on No Substance Records and debuted on the local Detroit Soundscan charts among such major label heavyweights as Sarah McLachlan and Veruca Salt. That being a mighty feat for a hardcore act with virtually nothing more than an independent label to back them up. Then a four song demo showcasing their latest creations found its way into the hands of TRIBUNAL RECORDS, and the rest is history. APATHEMY and TRIBUNAL RECORDS collectively are about to unleash one the most devastating metalcore releases in the year 2001 . Encased In Black This Is Forever is a full on metal assault. A dual vocal attack like no other, and enough metal prowess to silence all critics. APATHEMY have arrived and will now proceed to annihilate everything in their path. Upon release of Encased In Black This Is Forever APATHEMY will begin touring the country non-stop playing to hardcore and metal fans everywhere. It is only a matter of time, before the name of APATHEMY becomes yet another household name in the hardcore and metal communities.


1. Silent Years
2. Down Pour
3. Signs of Spring
4. External Bleeding
5. Broken Forever
6. Ravens
7. After the Fall
8. Gardens to Graveyards (The Most Delicate Blossom)
9. Behind the Mask

1218 HYDE "A beautiful nightmare" (cd)

Hyde concocts a malevolent musical masterpiece on their 2002 release, aptly titled A Beautiful Nightmare. Blistering bouts of thunderous hardcore/metal assault the listener's ears from the opening of "Tell Me You Love Me" to the macabre scenarios one is treated to on "Skin Mask." It is quite apparent that these five men excel at pulverizing one's eardrums. While the album is rather predictable for anyone familiar with Hyde's brand of metalcore, A Beautiful Nightmare is one of the better albums of its genre, as the listener will find a multitude of technically proficient heavy metal that can satisfy even the most ravenous of musical appetites. Accompanying these intense noise blasts are two solid instrumentals ("Separation" and "Dying in the Sun") that allow one to truly see the skill Hyde possess. The only real annoyance presented with the album is the seemingly endless amount of silent filler that builds up to a hidden track which isn't nearly worth the time to hear. Aside from that one aggravating element, Hyde has once again delivered with an excellent batch of brutal tunes. ~ Jason D. Taylor, All Music Guide


1. Tell Me You Love Me
2. Black Iris
3. Separation [Instrumental]
4. The Fear of Dreaming
5. Dying in the Sun [Instrumental]
6. Each and Every Moment
7. One Thousand Lies
8. Dying to Be Perfect
9. This Time It's for Real
10. A Lovely Shade of Red
11. Take Everything
12. Skin Mask

1217 GRIEVING DAYS TO COME "The unsaid everything" (cd)

Complex, chaotic, and plain fucking intense, are the three adjectives to describe this Seattle, Washington band. Grieving the Days to Come has practically appeared out of nowhere, but the band is here to stay. Their first release for Tribunal Records, "The Unsaid Everything," is sixteen-and-a-half minutes of thrash metal riffs, razor-sharp guitar melodies, pummeling breakdowns, and sick, twisted vocals that drive into the listener like nails. Songs like "And Then..." and "The Machiavellian," showcase the band's brutal and technical approach, where Lee's guitar attack, Jared's 4-string convulsions, Nick's manic singing, and Quinn's precise drumming create a perfect mechanism for destruction. Yet, the band also has a hinge for melody, which is heard in a beautiful intro of "Hesitating Serenity."

Another impressive component of Grieving the Days to Come are the lyrics. I've said it before and I will say it again, I will take intelligent hardcore lyrics over those of metal any day, and the lyrical content on "The Unsaid Everything" is pretty impressive, dealing with religious, philosophical, and personal issues. While the band definitely takes a no-nonsense approach to its musical and lyrical content, the songs on "The Unsaid Everything" work as a double-edge sword. There is so much complexity that at times, the songs sound disorienting, leaving the listener dazed and confused. Yet, this is the beauty of this disk, as once all the material settles in, one begins to hear the little nuances and appreciate these musical arsonists on a deeper level.


1. And then
2. The machiavellian
3. Into fall
4. Hesitating serenity
5. Constructing ruins
6. The archway

1195 FACE DOWN "Blinded by delusions" (cd) pix in the database

Ontario Metallic Hardcore


1. Behind their windows
2. Autumn leaves
3. Misconception
4. Fear this agony
5. Mortal tradition
6. Bestowed
7. Collapse

797 ARIA "As if forever really exists" (cd) pix in the database

T was a sad day in North Carolina when AZAZEL decided to call it quits. AZAZEL

607 V/A TRIBUNAL RECORDS "Radio sampler #1-#2" (cd)

Review coming soon


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