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GENET Records
GENET Records
1313 EMPATHY "Burning from the inside" (cd)

Empathy are from the famous H8000 area, Belgium and of course they play straight up metalcore. The band features famous members, on guitar Matthias Halsberghe (ex- Liar) and on drums the current Congress vocalist Tim Jult and I like his drum work much more than his vocal abilities! And should I tell you what this Empathy record rocks much more than Congress' newest effort, Empathy managed to combine straight thrash, melodic death, chugga chugga breakdowns and Clevo styled hardcore! Just imagine Integrity would have a metal guitar player and you got a small idea how Empathy would sound like! At all Empathy's sound has much more sophisticated song-structures and they bring a lot alternation to their songs and offer lots of tempo-changes, breaks and stop-and-go parts. But the album isn't bumpy in any way, it goes straight forward and I never miss the melody but I guess you have to like such a "chaotic" style of music. The first track "Silent Scream" is pretty metallic while the follower "My Way" starts off with tough tunes in the vein of Hatebreed but they soon play a break with playfully guitars and the vocals range from rough shouts/screams to spoken word pieces. Empathy often play mid-tempo moshing hardcore but refine this with melodic guitar leads and speed up metal parts. At "No More" they are also supported by the female vocalist Sarah Algoet, her voice brings some gothic feeling to these short passages whereat the rest of the song is nothing more and nothing less than destroying metalcore! The last track ? the instrumental - "Barbecues & Ballgames" which is more than seven minutes long features keyboards and a long-termed nature sound part at the end... Good one!
marcel (


1. Silent Scream
2. My Way
3. Lost Hope
4. Song For A Snowflake
5. Maja (Instrumental)
6. Touch Of Life
7. Drunk Man / Bad Man
8. No More
9. Barbecues & Ballgames (Instrumental)

1214 LIAR "Invictus" (cd) mp3 in da base


1. New Born Fire
2. Steel Against Steel
3. Falls Of Torment
4. Circle Of Blood
5. Deathwish
6. Natural Order
7. Whispers Of Damnation
8. 2000 A.D.
9. Disarmed Blade

1123 FALL SILENT "Superstructure" (cd) pix in the database

Political, powerful, and positive!! A fucking band that
embraces the 3 P's in life. 12 songs of fury backed
with fire and with an enormous sound that can only be
captured if turned to volume 11. By far, this is the
best album they have done. This time they brought with
them "the lonely, the tired, the hopeless, and the
living dead" to gain their revenge on the exploitative
practices enslaving their bodies and minds. This album
is one of empowerment and strength and provides the
capacity to foster revolutionary thought. Fucking
incredible hardcore. As I stated in their last review
I did years ago, the Reno-volution is coming and Fall
Silent are the anthem band to supply the threat.
(Review by Steve Oaki). SCREAMING Reno hardcore.


1. Great white death
2. One more question
3. Make up your mind
4. What should i do
5. The day of the locust (part 1)
6. The day of the locust (part 2)
7. Something new
8. Six billion and running
9. Courtesy
10. The only truth

1061 TIMEBOMB "The full wrath of the slave" (cd)

Italian, vegan straight edge, anarcho-communist black metal.


1. Days of steel
2. Back to the fire age
3. Deathblow
4. Flames of disorder
5. Witness of demise
6. One solution
7. Army of conviction
8. Dig your own grave

1007 SAD ORIGIN "A double edged sword in a triangle of emotions" (cd)


1. Battles of the bloodred crosses
2. An impure slave
3. Liquid of the bloodshed
4. Window of sarcasm
5. Perpetration
6. Into eternal love
7. Tormented
8. Break the statue of separation
9. Coward
10. Plague

1006 FACEDOWN "Education,contemplation,dedication" (cd)


1. Sanctuary
2. Wonderful culture
3. Wartime

404 THUMBSDOWN "Crossroads" (cd)


Knives Out Records
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