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Filled With Hate Records



1352 UNIT 731 "Res ipsa loquitur" (cd) pix in the database

Heavy Pittsburgh Metalcore


1. Champions of Hypocrisy
2. Mass Acceptance
3. False Idols
4. Fostering Our Fears
5. Lost In Thought
6. Prescribed Conformity
7. Constricted
8. Perversion of Trust
9. Release Me
10. Blind Obedience

825 COUNT TO REACT "Out for the count" (cd)

1. Intro
2. Out for the count
3. My life my fight
4. Spared among waste
5. This hate
6. Bledding faith
7. Human value
8. Wolves of man
9. Vile be dead
10. Lies of shame

824 RETALIATE "Why we hate" (cd) mp3 in da base


1. Interlude
2. Heaven s blood can wait
3. Why we hate
4. Vengeance
5. Eye has not seen
6. Forever lost
7. Crown city of the fools
8. Pawn
9. Babylon prevail

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** Chain of hatred

809 OUT TO WIN "Beg for life" (cd) pix in the database

Some says it's another cliche of gang posturing, brass knucks, street life hardcore. Ok, fair enought. Do you know what i think ? it's just some fucking furious metalcore that can drive mad any dancer on earth. After an EP under the name of Mushmouth, these five pennsylvanians deliver a huge storm of fury you can't ignore if you love tough sound and hatred moshparts. The production also kick ass and the global design is ok even if it could've been better. Out To Win first full-lenght "Beg For Life" is def a must have.
by xpierrex


1. Beg for life
2. Ghost army
3. Disappear
4. End of the world
5. Angles vs demons
6. All gone
7. Watch you die
8. In my eyes
9. Faithless
10. Condemned forever

806 RETALIATE "Dead in the eyes of salvation" (mcd) mp3 in da base

Tracklist :

1. For a dying world
2. Dead in the eyes of salvation
3. Hell s fire
4. Forever lost
5. In rapture
6. Hold on
7. A letter to a friend

605 AGE OF DISGRACE "Those who persist" (mcd) pix in the database

Brutal tough guy hardcore from Germany in the vein of early Crawlspace mcd on RPP --- review coming soon

478 DIE MY DEMON "Love The Game... Hate The Players" (cd) pix in the database

Tuff guy hardcore from Belgium, members of Sad Origin teaming up with some friends to deliver you this, it's a mix of Shockwave going Fury of 5..something like that, a good and aggressive production that is making this a winner.


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