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882 NEVER THE MORE "Never the more" (cd)

Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. If you've ever wondered what great bands like Appleseed Cast and Pop Unknown might sound like with a little more hardcore balls then here's your answer! NeverTheMore's self titled debut album has been two years in the making and worth every minute of it. This record is at once mellow and clever, whilst still edgy and powerful. These songs will be stuck in your mind after the first play.

There are influences from all over the alternative rock scene blended to make an original and very emotive sound. NeverTheMore have arrived with a bang and will soon be on everyone's lips and turntables.

If music has ever moved you then get this now and prepare to be moved again!

For fans of: Promise Ring, Appleseed Cast, Mineral, Pop Unknown, Elliott, Braid


1. Tie Me In The Van
2. Stick Around
3. Whitewash
4. All Too Real
5. Before You Breathe
6. Beach Party
7. Easy
8. The Warning Signs

881 RYDELL "Hard on the trail" (cd)

The third and final full length album from Rydell, the UK 's emo champions, proves that like the Lord Of The Rings trilogy movies, they just keep getting better and better.

The band have been compared with hardcore luminaries from Hot Water Music to Chamberlain and Get Up Kids to Joan Of Arc but still they come back with their own expressive, definitive sound and original blend of what they feel hardcore should be. Passionate lyrics sung and screamed over music that can be both melodic, mellow and damn powerful all at once.

From the sampled suburban parking lot conversation and the urgency of the very first track, Know Now, right through to the heart rending emotion of the last, Team Building Exercise, this is an album that will stay in your mind, keep you listening and putting the CD on repeat.

With the manic cover of Don Henley's classic Boys Of Summer tacked on the end, it's angst and anger blowing away any version you may have heard before, these eleven tracks will have you happily wandering in hardcoreland. For a good forty minutes you'll be taken away from the everyday grind.

or fans of: Appleseed Cast, Braid, Cap n Jazz, Get Up Kids, Hot Water Music, Jimmy Eat World, Lifetime, Pop Unknown, Promise Ring, Samiam, Split Lip


1. Know now
2. Darkness Before Home
3. Born Witness
4. Awkward Times
5. Cut to end
6. Shifter (Girls With Skulls)
7. Analysis Of The Evidence
8. Fire at the end of the street
9. Ground never held me
10. Team building exercise
11. Boys of summer

880 CHAMBERLAIN "Vive year diary 1996-2000" (cd)

Considering the drastic change of style from their initial incarnation as Split Lip, it remains a firm fact that any new Chamberlain release is met with high anticipation. For this incredible 28-track retrospective the wait has been a long and loyal one for many fans and an exciting prospect to finally hear the band's demo works and lost gems.

Most notably this features material from the original five piece line-up and unveils the much awaited and rumoured songs from the time between the debut Chamberlain release "Fates Got A Driver" and the last record from the band in it's original form 'the Moon My Saddle".

This is an extremely significant aspect of this collection as it bridges the gap between those two records and provides important evidence of the band's progression from their post-hardcore / emo roots to their latter day alternative country rock leanings. Displayed on the fantastic songs from the 1996 demo recordings, Everything Here, Magnetic 62nd and From Infinity to the County Fair, it's a trip down memory lane.

The flood of excitement that you"re listening to a new Chamberlain song creeps up on you from a time when this band were at their peak and offering mind blowing examples of layered, driving and inspirational song writing. Another important piece of the puzzle is discovered on the "full-band" version of Racing Cincinnati, a classic, moving song that appeared on'the Moon My Saddle" as a beautiful vocal / piano arrangement. Now is the chance to rock out to the version that took the breath away of audiences lucky enough to witness the band's only European tour back in 1996.

So already the 96" demos would be enough to make an incredible EP but there's still 24 more tracks to go! The next three tracks are taken from demo recordings from 1997 and form a perfect introduction to the new ideas that were arriving for the "Moon My Saddle" LP. Next up are 15 tracks continuing the journey, presented as a first-time document of the band's memorable live performances.

These include songs spanning the band's history under alternate line-up's displaying their faultless consistency and complete strength and confidence in their identity, including an equally great early version of one of their "Exit 263" tracks originally titled here as "Wherever I Lay My Head".

Their latter performances as a four piece were still injected with energy and passion whether charging through old rocking classics or newer blues / country lead ballads. This is all kicked off with the popular title track "Five Year Diary", cleverly constructed as a running theme throughout the live set and finishing off the album as a bonus track. Preceding this reprise however are some splendid takes from the band's final outings at their remote Big Brown Studios where they penned some of the songs closest to their hearts and most definitive of the later direction.

At last an essential document of Chamberlain history and a chance to understand such a great band's progression.

For fans of: Jets to Brazil, Dead Red Sea, Favez The Wallflowers, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan


1. 96 Demos
2. 97 Demos
3. 98 Live Recordings
4. Songs From Big Brown 1998-2000
5. Bonus Track

879 JOSHUA "The baggage" (cd)

How can anyone deny such a smooth, melodic, catchy sound? Joshua are back for one final release with five sweet and beautiful songs that will grip your emotions and take you on an adventure of heartbreaks and make ups.

Following on from their previous releases on Doghouse and Immigrant Sun, Dan Coutant and Co. bring us a swansong that retains their trademark "emo" sound but also expands their musicianship and creativity.

These songs maintain the aggressive, energetic, post punk feel that Joshua became famous for whilst touring with the likes of Get Up Kids and Burning Airlines. All five of these heartfelt songs are mellow and almost melancholic but will stick in your head for some time to come.

A must have release for fans of this great band, on both CD and 10" coloured vinyl.

For fans of: Jimmy Eat World, Elliott, Koufax, Jawbox, Braid, Get Up Kids


1. A better place
2. Repetition forever
3. Make it mine
4. What love requires
5. Perfect man

878 ARAMEUS "Is your revolution merely for display?" (cd)

Tounding somewhere between the tight heavy hardcore of Dillinger Escape Plan, Converge, Nine Days To No One & Son Of The Mourning and the metal of Raging Speedhorn, Beecher, Tidal, Canaan and Slayer, Arameus play modern metal-edged hardcore that has all the power and confidence of any of their peers.

Hailing from the South Coast of England and constantly working hard the band bring this eight track CD, their first release, out jointly on Engineer and Mid March Records.

Arameus make punchy yet chaotic music and Is Your Revolution Merely for Display? is a collection of high octane, charging anthems, you need to hear. The kind for sweaty kids to push each other around too or annoy commuters on their daily grind.

For Fans Of: Dillinger Escape Plan, Converge, Nine Days To No One, Son Of The Mourning, Botch, Raging Speedhorn, Beecher, Tidal, xCanaanx, Slayer


1. Prism
2. Turn Out Like Me
3. 5 Sides To A Circle
4. Finding The Truth In Cliches Pt.1
5. Finding The Truth In Cliches Pt.2
6. Tide Drawn
7. DIY
8. Low Cost Plan

877 SKIRMISH "The crooked and the cavalier" (cd)

The guitars start strumming at the beginning of "Fading Pace" and when the drums and bass come in you immediately know the pit has already started up. This brand new UK band are bringing hardcore home. Mixing cool, old school stylings with original ideas and song structures they're up there with the likes of Steel Rules Die, Jets Vs Sharks & Winter In June and carrying the banner for UK hardcore.

There is also a chaos from the melody that reminds you of bands like USA's Planes Mistaken For Stars and the finger pointing vocals of the NYHC bands. The more you hear this record the more you"ll love it and want to see these guys rock out live. Now sing-a-long "Not In Our Name!"

Its just five tracks, but trust us, you need to hear them!

For fans of: Steel Rules Die, Jets Vs Sharks, November Coming Fire, Planes Mistaken For Stars, Bane, Poison the Well, Winter In June


1. Fading Pace
2. Waste Of Space
3. Thick as thieves
4. Therapist
5. Efrafa


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