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----- 1012

The Ultimate Doom

Label : Triplecrown Records
Format : CD
Date : 2000-10-10

This Erie straight edge entourage return with more good, solid hard-hitting metallic moshcore loaded with singalongs and obligatory Transformers references. Members of Disciple AD, which they natually sound comparable to.


1. Introduction to Oblivion
2. Ultimate Doom
3. Day of Machines
4. Revenge of Bruticus
5. Divide and Conquer
6. The Key to Vector Sigma
7. The Inspection Syndrome
8. Five Faces of Darkness
9. The Key to Vector Sigma PT 2
10. Grenade Face
11. Hardest Burden to Bear
12. Wardawn
13. Outro to Extinction

Pays : 3

shockwave ''the ultimate doom'' | Triplecrown records

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