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NJ BLOODLINE ''Be afraid'' | Rpp records

nj bloodline NJ BLOODLINE
"Be afraid" (mcd)

Added: 1999-12-17
Label: Rpp records

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This band is brutal as hell ! One of the most promising outfits coming out of New Jersey. From old-school to new-school with a slight metal touch and incredible dance parts... It's the release of their demo songs ("Be afraid").

Here is the biographie:
Since 1992 NJ BLOODLINE has terrorized the NJ music scene with their brand of 'musical whoop ass' ! To most they were a God send with their energetic, dancy grooves, and their 'take no shit' attitude. To others they were a nightmare, never conforming either musically or ideologically to the trends in the scene that surrounded them. Aggressive yet cathy, NJ BLOODLINE is one of the most addictive hard-hitting bands New Jersey has ever produced ! No matter how hard the bands around them tried to get, they stayed true to their ethics. You see, they never lost sight of writing a good song. With their long awaited release of 'Be Afraid' on CD, you'll hear what all the hype is about. Whether it's the frustrated sing along in 'Six Feet Deep' or the pure adrenaline rush of 'Fist', NJ BLOODLINE is bound to leave you battered, bruised, and wanting more. Songs like the emotionally charged 'Love Song' strike that universal chord in all of us, while others like 'LETS' delve into the mind of a young man's struggle to survive growing up in the urban circus known as Elizabeth, NJ. Angry and bitter, NJ BLOODLINE has captured the 'true meaning of hard-core' and as a result worldwide acclaim. Their now out of print demo tape version of 'Be Afraid' sold an impressive 3.500 copies globally, all D.I.Y. ! Now teamed up with Alain and RPP records, they are ready to bring the joy and the terror to every living person. You see, for them, musical slaughter is a way of life. Be Afraid... Be Very Afraid !
In 2000 they signed to Kingfisher/Century Media in for a Full Length, Faceless . They lost Rei in early 2000 and became a four piece. The Faceless album was recorded in the summer between tours at The Third Studio From The Sun. In the summer of 2001, they started their tour to support their album. They toured Europe for a month and a half, played the With Full Force and Dour Festivals. They then toured the US for a month.

After they returned from tour their drummer decided to move on. This was Ian's last show with NJBL. It was a benefit show for a long time friend in Kenilworth NJ. Sworn Enemy, Etown(under a disguised name), Shattered Realm and December were among those bands who played. The search for a new drummer did not go very well and Wreak moved out to cali to sing for the Hoods. In the spring of 2002 NJBL was dissolved.


1. fist
2. six feet deep
3. be afraid
4. love song
5. L.E.T.S.
6. four winds

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