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SHED ''Shades of death'' | Lifeforce records

shed SHED
"Shades of death" (mcd)

Added: 1998-10-10
Label: Lifeforce records


» Review:

Is there something wrong with me or why i'm fixated on NJ bands and as for Finland, Lappeenranta bands. Ok i certainly have to write more ofter and more diverse range around this country, but this time it's again LPR shit coming up. Once upon a time there was a strong straight edge scene here in Finland, but nowdays there's only a memory of it. I myself of course didn't even get to see all that happening, being so young, blind and also quite sure stupid too. But what is sure as hell they had really good bands too back then. One of them, not maybe that widely known is Lappeenranta's very own deathmetal or you could say nowdays, metalcore outfit, Shed. They were all out straight edge band, that featured members that nowdays are still intact to hardcore scene here. Many from sxe glory days might not be edge anymore, but who really cares, everyone makes their own choices. Anyways, it's weird that kids haven't heard of this band because they even released a mcd titled Shades Of Death through Impression Records in 1999 (that would ultimately be Lifeforce Records in the future, that one you might know, right?). Shed had also a demo, witch i happen to have thanks to my friend Pekka of Worth The Pain -awesome (another LPR crew again, heh) band, check them out here. I don't have track names for the demo songs, so you will be entertained by tunes from Shades Of Death mcd. Shed created brutal metal that was combined into fury of hardcore and the outcome is pretty serious stuff. If you'd want some comprasions, try the old H8000 shit. Demo has also pretty evil tracks too, but i won't put 'em on without names and so on, sorry. Today there's newer band called Loss Of Humanity, who has continued to carry on legacy of Shed, at least in musical style taking influences from them, but more of those kids later. So hit it up and let me know what you think, it's a bad ass mcd for sure.

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