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DOWN MY THROAT ''Real heroes die'' | Fullhouse records

down my throat DOWN MY THROAT
"Real heroes die" (cd)

Added: 2001-10-10
Label: Fullhouse records


» Review:

Founded in 1996, Down My Throat's history is the longest one in the young Helsinki scene. Back when they started they played shitty shows for about 6 people, in shitty venues and with really shitty punk rock bands. Over the years things have changed and Down My Throat's technical in-your-face beating is very much appreciated all over Finland. The feedback from the rest of the world isn't all that bad either, and their concert schedule is about to turn international with the new album titled "Real Heroes Die" getting noticed.

The style of music Down My Throat plays isn't the easiest to describe. The technicality and progress in the music seem to blend right in with the straightforwardness, creating an original concept. Many different styles and influences reach over in every song, as the parts blend smoothly to form a solid and innovative sound.

Musically Down My Throat are definately pushing the boundaries of what is considered to be hardcore. Comparisons are hard to make, but if there was a gun to my head I might label Down My Throat as a hybrid of 108, early Integrity, Quicksand and some 80's trash metal bands. Or maybe I wouldn't, maybe they deserve their own category ... however, they are worth checking out.

The release of Down My Throat's 7" in 1998 marked the birth of Full House Records. After that they kicked it as the first band on the "Building A Legacy" compilation, and a compilation on Chicago's Thornz Records called "Step To The Plate". Now in 2001 we are proud to introduce this full length album by these Helsinki hardcore pioneers. "Real Heroes Die" is a new cornerstone in the Full House catalog, and it's the first time Down My Throat have recorded with the kind of production and budget that they deserve. Listen to it, and you'll hear that Finnish hardcore is now only entering its musical prime.

mp3"Vermouth breath"

down"Through the river of denial"
  Label : Fullhouse records

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