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1984  (France)
Zero District  (France)
Hardflip  (Germany)
Merauder  (U S A)
Canaan  (U K)
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Troublezine Dot...  (1650)
Into - Obscurity  (1393)
Fromthepit  (1496)
Fury Of Hxc  (1524)
In Your Face  (1542)
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UNITYHXC.COM | Webzine : Nosebleed 17


I started this webpage as a small little project in November of 1999 to help promote underground bands that needed some much deserved attention. The site has grown more than I expected it to, and it's getting really hard to keep up with, but it's still not too big, which is good. I hope that through doing this I have at least helped out the underground scene a little, no matter how small.

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