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  Chokehold ''content with dying'' | Bloodlink records
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Hardflip  (453)
I Am Afraid To Depress  (348)
Since The Flood  (302)
Dead Man Walking  (463)
Swear To God  (425)
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Dew Scented
''issue vi''
Born From Pain
''in the love...''
When Freedom Dies
''demo cd''
Cast Aside
''the struggle''
Blood 4 Blood
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When Freedom Dies ''Demo cd '' (cd)

Found this band on Purevolume and haven't stopped listening to them since. I saw them at a band warehouse in Middletown CT. and they were incredible. They combine older style NYHC with thrash and punk, aggressive and fast. I purchased their 9 sond CDEP for $3 but you can hear some of the songs from it at

» rate: rate:5/5» reviewed 2004-12-14 by Kellen

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