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1165 SECOND COMBAT "What inspired us" (cd) pix in the database

Well well well. This is a killer Cd, no less. First i was a bit sceptic as i'm not really into youthcrew oldschool stuff, and the soldier of hardcore imagery on the cover hasn't lead me into a good approach of "What As Inspired Us ?" released on both Commitment Records and United Front Records. But, and hell yeah, i've listened to this firing, true, political, emotionnal and damn great album again and again, and i can say it's the best work of Second Combat known ever and one of the best record i've heard this year. Hardcore used to be 1/3 music 2/3 lyrics, and it's a pleasure to see the band really engaged on politics and social issues, painting a deep point of view of youth lives in Malaysia. If you're looking for a dense straight edge old school band with passionate lyrics : Run fast and get this one before the predictable sold out.
by xpierrex


1. Striving To Deny You
2. Infidelity
3. Worth Life To Redeem
4. Second COmbat
5. You Won't Listen
6. What Has Inspired Us ?
7. This The Reasons I Stay

775 V/A UNITED FRONT "Bonds of old school" (cd)

"A Malaysian hardcore punk compilation volume 1"
"Bonds of oldschool" is the first Malaysian compilation i got in my hands. i am really interested by the worldwide hardcore scene, especially about the idea of sharing the same passion outside geographical frontiers and political boundaries with foreigners.
I think some countries should be more focused on their dedication, the quality of their bands, and the fact that they have been known to keep alive the foundations and roots of the hardcore spirit. Most of these countries know how to conserve a real unity and brotherhood, although it may be strange at first, this is what i have learned from numerous chats. Malaysia is one of them.
With this compilation, several indie record labels offer us a variety of oldschool hardcore punk bands from the underground Malaysian scene. Do this compilation took them almost 10 months; on the first booklet's page a small explanation regarding why and how they did it, as well as a quick overview of the today hxc punk Malaysian scene'situation.
i ve considered it advisable to write these first lines of this text:
"The reason i gather this 9 bands in one cd is because these bands play old school hardcore which is traditional hardcore sounds before heavy metal and indie rock ignorance infiltrates the scene while the roos of all this music are punkrock and politics.
This also serves as a proof that straight edge and hardcore punk culture have existed here in Malaysia and eventually the kids here have been trying to keep the scene alive somehow. Some of the bands in this compilation have existed for more than 10 years and sadly none of them gets the attention or supports from local independent label to record their songs or to release their album...."
Support this initiative, get this compilation !!


1. Young Spirit
2. We dont want to divide
3. Till the end
4. Our time has come
5. We will survive
6. Out of time
7. Sxe on the streets
8. Power of youth
9. Make a step
10. Spirit
11. Kau autoriti
12. Terbit sinarmu
13. We will survive
14. Fuck the system
15. Broken promises
16. I ll fight back
17. Man:intense pride
18. Naga timur


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