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All Out War
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Dew Scented
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Born From Pain
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When Freedom Dies
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Cast Aside
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Blood 4 Blood
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Inner Rage Records



1320 ENDEAVOR "Constructive semantics" (cd) pix in the database


1. Kill Traitors
2. Ajar
3. Kiss of the Spider Woman
4. The Drug Song
5. Green Gum Balls
6. Koko Puffs
7. Semantics
8. Sabbath
9. Beard and Wifebeater
10. Skippy Loves Malory
11. Little Man
12. Luke Perry Wears Sweatpants
13. Appendix to a Dating Handbook
14. Incentive

1314 BROTHER S KEEPER "Forever never ending" (cd) pix in the database


1. Xhardcore Songx
2. 1 Against 1
3. Four Five Sick
4. Ladder
5. Horizon
6. Animate Me
7. Facade
8. Half Man
9. Surround
10. Momentum
11. Gift
12. Chorus of Anger
13. Shadowcast

1290 EIGHTEEN VISIONS "Until the ink runs out" (cd) pix in the database

Despite Eighteen Visions

1112 WALLS OF JERICHO "Aal hail the dead" (cd) pix in the database


1. All Hail The Dead
2. There's No I in Fuck You
3. A Little Piece Of Me
4. Another Anthem For the Hopeless
5. Revival Never Goes Out of Style
6. A Day and a Thousand Years
7. Through the Eyes of a Dreamer
8. 1:43 AM
9. Jaded
10. Thanks For the Memories
11. More Life in the Monitors
12. Fixing Broken Hearts
13. To be Continued...

1111 WALLS OF JERICHO "The bound feed the gagged" (cd) pix in the database


1. Playing Soldier Again
2. Home is Where the Heart Is
3. Changing Times
4. Unwanted Resistance
5. Misanthropy
6. Beneath the Exterior
7. Full Disclosure
8. Family Values
9. Why Father
10. Angel
11. Inevitable Repercussions

1028 HARVEST "Living with a god complex" (cd) pix in the database

New school Minneapolis hardcore that makes you think twice about going to church. Hard, slow, and brutal guitars and drums with sick vocals like you've never heard before. This one almost made me pee in my pants the first time I heard it. The band definitely makes their mark as positive, self-relying, free thinkers without overdoing the hard, chunky sound in the music.


1. Denounce
2. Maroon
3. Covenant
4. Hourglass
5. Flood
6. Ahimsa
7. Virtue
8. Tribunal
9. 101


Knives Out Records
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