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SMAH IT UP Records
SMAH IT UP Records
1373 HATE FORCE "Back for more" (cd)

First, the band was named Oncle Slam and they put out an LP on Jungle Hop International in 1989 . After the complain of a american band they have changed their named in Hate Force in 1990/91 . They have signed for an new LP with JHI, and after the bankrout of this label the french wellknowed label New Rose have put out the record in 1991 . They played many gigs in europe with Gorilla Biscuit, Youth of Today, etc...


1. Bred TO kill
2. Imminent burst
3. Back for more
4. Hate force
5. My war
6. Say what
7. I laugh
8. Step off
9. Hardcore reality
10. Explicit Lyrics


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