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Filled With Hate Records


1371 SLAVEARC "Structural damage in the blueprint of humanity" (cd) pix in the database

This was this brutal UK band's second (and last) release dating from 2001 .....more complex and even more brutalizing than "vanquish"....alot like creation is crucifixion soundwise........same strong animal rights/hardline lyrics theyve always had, even though that sort of political stance in hardcore was rapidly becomming unfashionable (at least in north america) by the turn of the century when this record was released.........apparently this was released after the koreisch lp as i had thought that that band had formed after slavearc had called it quits, but i guess i was wrong as this came out over a year after the koreisch lp was released (1999) (mind intrusion)


1. Intro
2. Entryism
3. Proselyte of justice
4. Blade of purity
5. Web of darkness
6. Stem the plague
7. Outro

1194 SLAVEARC "Vanquish" (mcd) pix in the database

UK brutal, dark and intense hardcore with an uncompromising lyrical stance. The lines are drawn.


1. Crucifixion
2. Revile the masquerade
3. Last descent
4. 157

972 ABSENCE "Shall the sentence be death" (cd) pix in the database

The Italians debut full length on Screams for Salvation records.


1. War i declare
2. Gaia s justice
3. Black dawns
4. The shame of the cross
5. From the bloodshed
6. One shot - on life
7. I proclaim
8. Broken balance
9. Choice of the wrong


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