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1381 ALL OUT WAR "Truth in the age of lies" (cd) pix in the database

Formed in 1991, ALL OUT WAR quickly started releasing demos and EPs to much praise in the underground scene, but it was not until 1995 that the band recorded their debut full-length, "Truth In The Age Of Lies".
Soon after the release of this groundbreaking album, their label folded and it became a highly-sought after underground rarity. Now 15 years later, Organized Crime Records is proud to be able to re-release this crossover classic with expanded packaging and bonus tracks.

Truth In The Age Of Lies + 1992 Demo CD

1. Resist
2. Truth In The Age Of Lies
3. After Autumn
4. Destined To Burn
5. Redemption For The Innocent
6. Fall From Grace
7. Cross Of Disbelief
8. Fight For God
9. The Deceived & The Deceiver
10. Crucial Times In Existence
11. Day Of Judgement
12. Destined To Burn (demo) (CD only bonus track)
13. Struggle Within (demo) (CD only bonus track)
14. Fall From Grace (demo) (CD only bonus track)
15. Stuck Inside (demo) (CD only bonus track)
16. Day Of Judgement (demo) (CD only bonus track)

924 SIDEWALK "Time spent" (7) pix in the database mp3 in da base

Old school straigth-edge hardcore from Chicago.


1. Speak For Yourself
2. Don't Take Part
3. Living With It
4. One Kinda Love
5. Party Time!
6. Time Spent
7. Fake Smile
8. No Sense


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