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Inner Rage Records


1292 DEVIATE "Crisis of confidence" (cd) pix in the database


1. Intro
2. Sickness
3. End of fiction
4. Crisis of confidence
5. Mantrack
6. Case for the prosecution
7. Oppression
8. In order to strike
9. Indicate the reason
10. Deface my color

921 BLOOD FOR BLOOD "Serenity" (cd)

Blood For Blood are back with a musical documentation of an outlaw's prayer for forgiveness. While shifting musically from their older material, true fans of hardcore will not be dissapointed.


1. A Prayer To The Night Sky
2. Serenity
3. Hanging On The Corner
4. Live The Lie
5. A Rock N' Roll Song
6. My Jesus Mercy
7. Runaway
8. City Boy
9. Serenity (Reprise)

763 V/A ISCREAM "Still going strong" (cd)

To celebrate the I Scream records 10th anniversary, the label give you this low price compilation, containing 25 tracks with a bunch of previously unreleased songs!


1. Blood For Blood : hanging on the corner
2. Agnostic Front : take em all
3. Length Of Time : men into gods
4. Stars & Stripes : garden goons
5. Vision : used to be
6. Judasville : excuse me
7. Deviate : malefactor
8. Discipline : the end of the road
9. On The Rise : dawn of a new millenium
10. Maximum Penalty : keep it to yourself
11. Lulabelles : sweet revenge
12. Slumlords : trust fund oi boy
13. Tech 9 : pretty vacant
14. Backfire! : what holds us together
15. The Heartaches : colors of the flag
16. Slapshot : wasted time
17. Hardsell : gonna die tonight
18. Krutch : mother
19. The Blue Bloods : twice as strong
20. Awkward Thought : return the compliment
21. Beans : hey kid
22. Do Or Die : 65 years of respect, blood and pride
23. Uppercut : not much pride
24. Spider Crew : vienna riot
25. Convict : picture (unplugged)

740 SLUMLORDS "S/t" (cd) pix in the database mp3 in da base

With their 2003 demo constantly selling out, Slumlords are ready to take things to the next level.
"Slumlords" is the long-awaited self-entitled debut album from the "All Star" band The Slumlords.
Featuring some members of Breakdown, Day Of Mourning, Commin Correct, Wake Up Cold, Next Step Up, these guys are no strangers to the HC scene.
Slumlords hail from Baltimore, they are rapidly gaining worldwide popularity because of their direct style of straight-up-old-fashioned hardcore and streetpunk. 16 track that you dont forget, traditional 1980's hardcore with lot of Street Punk and Oi thrown into the mix.
Fav track: "our own worst enemy"
Get it !

701 DISCIPLINE "Working class heroes" (cd)

It was about time these "Working Class Heroes" got united on one CD. Both shows were recorded at the famous Belgian club 't Lintfabriek and all tracks are produced by Roger Miret. Wrapped in a killer design this is a classic ! And that's an understatement !

697 VISION "Detonate" (cd) pix in the database

Review coming soon mouflon

696 SLAPSHOT "Digital warfare" (cd) pix in the database

"This is the end of Hardcore. We started it and we're ending it here today".
Springa of SS Decontrol at a Jerry's Kids show in 1984.
It might be a bold statement, but to a large extend he was right. At least in the case of Boston Hardcore. Little remained of the original scene as bands such as SS Decontrol, DYS, Gang Green and The FU's had either disbanded, or gone metal [a sound that didn't appeal to many within the Hardcore scene].
People were simply growing up, and with adulthood came other priorities. Either that or they discovered that they could play music other than the 60 second, three chord assault that Hardcore Punk was.
Either way, by 1985 there were just a few bands kicking around, and the scene had gone from Hardcore to metal to dead.
Steve Risteen [ex Terminally Ill] kept bumping into Jack Kelly [ex Negative FX and Last Rights] in a 24-hour Food mart week after week. Jack Kelly, who wasn't in a band at the time, wanted to play again. So in October of 1985 Steve Risteen, Mark McKaye [Terminally Ill's manager] and Jack Kelly formed SLAPSHOT [they were originally supposed to be called Straight Satan, after the motorcycle gang which protected Charles Manson].
The threesome started writing songs and soon after Jonathan Anastas [ex Decadence and DYS] joined the band. He had been good friends with Jack through the Boston Crew, had roomed with him for a time and respected his vision for a new version of an old school Hardcore band.
There was big hype about SLAPSHOT before they ever played a live show due to Jack and Jonathan's reputations in Hardcore circles. And also since a friend of the band, Mike Gitter, who was writing for allot of magazines at the time [one of which was his own zine - XXX], had written that SLAPSHOT was a great live act. Note - in the Punk tradition of Malcolm McLauren and the Sex Pistols - these stories were written before the band had even played in front of an audience.
Mike Gitter later went on to work as an A&R executive for Atlantic and Roadrunner where he signed CIV and Orange 9MM to their major label debuts.
In October of 1986 SLAPSHOT released their debut album. To save money [as the band wanted to record the album on a full 24 tracks instead of the usual low-quality 8 or 16 tracks Punk records were recorded on at the time], the group had to record from midnight to 8 AM to get the lower overnight rate.
The album was completed in only four sessions. There were no real overdubs, a few takes per song - it was very live. Titled Back On The Map [a challenge to the world that Boston Hardcore was back], the album was released by Taang! Records.
SLAPSHOT was about to get reinforcement in the shape Jordan Wood [ex STP, The Loved Ones and Deathwish]. He joined the band as a second guitar-player right after Back On The Map was released.
In July of 1988, three songs [Same Mistake, Might Makes Right and an acapella version of the Gilligan's Island theme] were released as an EP and in October of 1988 the single was followed by the band's next release, a full-length album, called Step On It.
When the band was writing new material for their next album Jamie Sciarappa said that he'd be moving to Los Angeles and SLAPSHOT therefore once again needed a new bass-player.
So in March of 1990 Mark McKaye asked his friend Chris Lauria if he could fill the position. Mark, Steve and Chris all knew each other from the days with Terminally Ill. Steve Risteen wanted to try out some others first but eventually Chris Lauria was their choice.
In two week Chris Lauria learned to play 25 songs and the first show with the new bass-player was in Allentown, PA.
Three tracks, Firewalker, Chip On My Shoulder and Moment Of Truth, were then released as the Firewalker EP. However, contrary to popular beliefs, the second and third track weren't recorded live at all. They were actually recorded in the studio and the "live elements" were added later on [it's actually the band members themselves doing the shouting].
The band toured the US in support of Sudden Death Overtime in September and October of 1990 and in Europe February of 1991. However, when the band got back it was obvious that Jordan Wood wasn't getting along with neither Steve Risteen nor Jack Kelly. So Jordan Wood convinced Chris Lauria to quit the band with him and start another. Chris Lauria soon returned to the band but they were now in need of a second guitar-player and they found Darryl Sheppard. He and Chris Lauria had played together in a band a long time ago called Deslok.
The band's next album, Blast Furnace, took about 2 weeks to write and about 3 days to record, and the band members were sick of it before it even came out. However, that was album number one of a three-album deal - that's how the band saw it.
After releasing Blast Furnace and with only one original member left the band went to Europe in the spring of 1993. On the second date of the tour, what was to become the band's next release, a live called Live At SO 36, was recorded at a show in Berlin.
A month after Live At SO 36 was recorded band flew to Berlin to play two shows, then came back and released Live At SO 36 [two down one to go]. The winter of 1993-1994 was tough... The band was writing/scrapping material for what was to become their next release. About 30 songs were written all in all. Chris Lauria wanted to get Mark McKaye back to liven things up but Jack Kelly wouldn't have anything to do with it.
The band went to Chicago to record. The band really thought that this album was the greatest thing - a whole new direction. The album was called Unconsciousness and was produced by Steve Albini, ex-Big Black member and Nirvana producer.
In August of 1994 SLAPSHOT when off to Europe for a two month tour with Ignite and an EP was released to promote it. It kicked off at the Hultsfred Festival in Sweden on August 11th and ended on October 4th in Germany. SLAPSHOT played 50 shows in 7 countries in 54 days.
The band started working on a new album but to Chris Lauria it all sounded like the previous album. So he decided to start his own band and they would be the opener on the next tour. The band was to be called Bitter and since the singer and drummer were roadies for SLAPSHOT so it would only be one extra person on the tour bus.
Jack Kelly was listening to some of Bitters material and was apparently so impressed that the band scrapped just about all the material they had, moved into a new rehearsal space and started collaborating. Jack Kelly and Chris Lauria collaborated on the music while Jack Kelly wrote the lyrics.
The collaboration resulted in a completely new album, called 16 Valve Hate. It was first released by Lost & Found Records in Europe. The deal was very low key. No contract, Lost & Found Records paid for the recording and gave the band some CDs.
The album was then released by Taang! Records in the US.
Anyway, on August 25th 1995 the band set off on their most ambitious tour to date in support of 16 Valve Hate. With Doug McKinnon [ex Vandals] filling in for Mark McKaye, SLAPSHOT played over 60 shows in 8 countries with only 4 days off. Right Direction from the Netherlands was the opener.
When the band came back from the tour they started planning for the next album, writing songs and playing shows. The album, called Olde Tyme Hardcore, was then recorded and released. Olde Tyme Hardcore was originally recorded for Taang! Records but Century Media Records wanted to put it out in Europe, so the band signed a deal with them. Therefore the layout looks a bit different depending on what version you've bought.
In the spring of 1996, Century Media Records asked SLAPSHOT to headline the Crossover 2000 tour in Europe. It was a disaster from the beginning and somehow managed to get worse everyday. In the midst of this turmoil, SLAPSHOT played one of their biggest shows to date, headlining the skatefest stage at the Dynamo Festival in the Netherlands on May 24th 1996.
Two weeks later the band returned to Europe and played a short two and a half week club tour with John Madden [ex Doc Hopper] on bass. This tour featured SLAPSHOT's first appearence at the With Full Force Festival in Germany on June 23rd 1996. Opening for Motorhead and Ministry, SLAPSHOT played to a crowd of over 20.000.
SLAPSHOT did not tour again for almost 3 year...
In July 1997, SLAPSHOT played what was to be their last US show for 5 years in Plymouth, Massachusetts. For a long time, it looked as if this show was gonna be their last US show, ever. The show was videotaped for a local TV and the band was interviewed after the show [i.e. Mark McKaye and Jack Kelly since John and Ben from Ten Yard Fight played the guitar and bass for that show]. At the interview Kelly stated that he don't know if this was SLAPSHOT last show or not, every show can be the last, but then again, they might come out a few years later and do another show...
Then everything went all quiet and the mandatory rumors of a split surfaced. However, all rumors were killed off when there was a confirmation of a forthcoming European tour. Initially, the idea was that the line-up would consist of Chris Lauria, Steve Risteen, Mike Bowser, Mark McKaye and Jack Kelly. A sort of a reunited SLAPSHOT tour. The tour kicked off on March 26th 1999 in Chemnitz, Germany and ended, 16 shows later in Maastricht, Holland. The band also made it over to Europe for a couple of shows in July, making their second appearence at the With Full Force Festival and their first appearence at the Graspop Festival in the Belgium.
Boston drops the gloves - a tribute to SLAPSHOT was the title of a tribute album issued by Ken Casey's [Dropkick Murphys' bass-player] Flat Records and San Francisco based label TKO Records. The release date was December 12th 1999. 22 Boston bands paying homage to Boston's finest Hardcore outfit.
The contributing bands were:
Blood For Blood, Tommy And The Terrors, Ten Yard Fight, Close Call, 30 Seconds Over Tokyo, Anal Cunt, The Pug Uglies, Strikers, The Bosstones, Vigilantes, Intent To Injure, Kicked In The Head, The Trouble, Wrong Side Of The Tracks, The Pinkerton Thugs, Blacklist, Last In Line, The Grenades, Nobody's Heros, Down But Not Out, The Molly Maguires and The Dropkick Murphys
On October 22nd 2001 a new SLAPSHOT album, entitled Greatest Hits, Slashes And Crosschecks, was released by Century Media Records and a new chapter in SLAPSHOT's legendary history began. Featuring fierce rerecorded version of classic SLAPSHOT songs, the records was an instant favorite for long time SLAPSHOT fans and helped intrdouce SLAPSHOT to a new generation of Hardcore kids.
Chris Lauria rejoined SLAPSHOT and the band returned to Europe in May of 2002 to play 17 shows in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and England. The tour was well received and the band was invited back to Europe for two club shows and two festival shows [the Graspop Festival and the With Full Force Festival over the 4th of July weekend, 2002.
On August 3rd 2002, SLAPSHOT played a short set as special guests on the Kill Your Idols/Poison Idea show at the Hideaway club in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
On October 13th 2002, SLAPSHOT would have played their first official show at the Hideaway in Cambridge, Massachusetts but due to the venue shutting it's doors at the last minute, and with no alternative venues, the show got cancelled.
On October 26, SLAPSHOT played the 6th annual Back To School Jam festival with Blood For Blood, Reach The Sky, Converge, Panic, No Warning, Count Me Out, Fit For Abuse, Impact and Some Kind Of Hate. SLAPSHOT also played this show as Stars & Stripes.
In November of 2002, SLAPSHOT returned to Europe for three club dates and an appearance at the European Hardcore Party, were they signed a new record deal with I Scream Records for both SLAPSHOT and STARS & STRIPES.
In November of 2002, Boston based label Bridge Nine Records reissued Greatest Hits, Slashes And Crosschecks in the US. One year after the album's initial release date, it had become obvious that Century Media Records hadn't been able to distribute it in the US so Bridge Nine Records stepped to the plate.
Today in 2003 I Scream Records is very proud to give you the long awaited new studio record

658 BACKFIRE "Change the game" (cd)

After 2 years of hard work, Backfire is back with a new record. "change the game" was recorded in Brooklyn, NY and was produced by Mike Dijan from BREAKDOWN. While recording the record, Backfire also played a couple of shows with Madball right after they got together with Freddy Madball and Billy Grazaidei who both appear on this great new record.
"Change the game" is one the best cd of Backfire, pure old school at its finest - you understand why Backfire is one of the leading European Old School Hardcore bands.

626 THE BLUE BLOODS "S/t" (cd)


617 LENGHT OF TIME "Antiworld" (cd) pix in the database

Un album suicide pour le combo belge qui vient de nous d

616 SPIDER CREW "A menace ta society" (cd) pix in the database mp3 in da base

SPIDERCREW is one of the new uprising bands in Europe. They started in the middle of the year 2000 and got already , after recording only one DEMO TAPE , a lot of offers from different labels. Finally they decided to go to I SCREAM RECORDS to release their first MCD " You Better Recognize" - which is out now.
It's an amazing record that will make fans of OLD SCHOOL HARDCORE and OI MUSIC happy. Scene Heroes like ONNO CRO MAG or DAVE RIGHT DIRECTION are already big fans of SPIDERCREW. The Spider Boys who are coming out of Austrias Capital VIENNA will also appear on the EUROPEAN HARDCORE PARTY 6 - so be there and support them. Although SPIDERCREW is existing for only such a few time - all the members in the band have been part of the HARDCORE SCENE for years. Like MIKE C. (guitar) , who is also the frontman of ONLY ATTITUDE COUNTS - one of the leading HC forces in Europe.Or SEAN DALOISE (vocals) who grew up together with LU (SUBZERO/SKARHEAD) and sang in several NYHC BANDS before he found his love for the VIENNA STYLE. The second singer in this MULTINATIONAL BAND is JURGEN (Vocals) from PROUD OF IGNORANCE (R.I.P) who stood his man in the VSHC FAMILY for years.The bassplayer HORACE G. and the drummer TOMMY E.B. played in BUST THE CHAIN - one of the biggest HC bands in Austria back then.

These guys came together to make one of the most interesting HC records for a long time - "You Better Recognize" Buy this record - steal it - however - but get it - cause it's amazing !!!

574 AGNOSTIC FRONT / DISCPLINE "Working class heroes" (cd)

It was about time these "Working Class Heroes" got united on one CD. Both shows were recorded at the famous Belgian club 't Lintfabriek and all tracks are produced by Roger Miret. Wrapped in a killer design this is a classic ! And that's an understatement !

573 TECH 9 "Devil in the backseat" (cd)

This is the story of four guys growing up in the same neighbourhood, coming from the same background, who went to the same school, played for the same football club and who shared a love for punk rock-music. Going to shows in the late seventies and early eighties, they decided to form a band of their own. When they started out in 1982 they had no musical experience, no equipment, no money and no clue what they were getting into. Eventually they got the ball rolling and they started rehearsing. At first it wasn't pretty but they were having a lot of fun on stage, so they recorded some demo-tapes. By that time the punk rock-scene was declining but true survivors as they were, they hung in there, and they were happy to do shows opening for great punk bands who came to play in Holland.
In the early nineties hardcore-punk was becoming more and more popular and the guys were surprised when they were invited to record an album. By that time they had changed the band name to "Tech-9", and their mix of Hardcore, Oi, and punk rock was displayed on their 1996 album "Scars on the Inside". Many shows followed as they were dragged along in the fast-growing European Hardcore-scene. Their Second album "Winner Takes All (1998)" opened the door to fulfilling a lifelong dream which was to play at the Dynamo Open Air-festival, by then the biggest festival in Europe. After that they appeared on several Compilations and Tribute-albums, and by the time they recorded their 2000 album "Last Line of Defense" they were a household name.

Right now they have completed their newest cd, called "Devil in the Backseat" which is due to be released in November. Be sure to check out this album and support them by coming to live-shows, sing along and have a few beers with the guys in the band.

563 HARDSELL "Breaking the jaw" (cd)

560 DISCIPLINE "Saints and sinners" (cd)

With their latest album "Saints & Sinners", Discipline have proven to be top of the bill when it comes down to Street Rock 'n Roll. This new album is the real Sound of the Streets: 12 hardhitting, melodic singalongs with attitude! In november the lads will be part of the 2002 Eastpack Resistance-tour. So make sure to check these thugs out when they come to visit your town!!!
'Saints & Sinners" is released by GMM Records in the USA. The two previous records "Love Thy Neighbor" and "Nice Boys Finish Last" will also be available through GMM in the course of the upcoming months.

543 AWKWARD THOUGHT "Ruin a good time" (cd)

Awkward Thought

542 ON THE RISE "Burning inside" (cd)

Coming straight out of New York's legendary hardcore scene, On The Rise has stepped out of the shadows, and into the limelight as one of New York Hardcore's premier bands.

On The Rise brings back the fast paced, melodic style of hardcore similar to the music played by Gorilla Biscuits, Underdog, Warzone, and many others of their time, while adding new dimensions of melody and power, previously unheard of on any hardcore release. Everyone in the band has believed that although the style of the music is a critical ingredient of Hardcore, it's the lyrics that indefinitely sets apart a "real" band from a phony. The lyrical content differs from song to song. For example "Dawn Of A New Millenium" is a vision of "Revalations" focused on ignorance of American society to the threats against national security, and the possibilty of eternal damnation of all humanity, while "Comotion" deals with a more social aspect of thinking, and calls attention to the "comotion" we often encounter in Relationships. Although the band puts a significant amount of effort into their lyrics, and the meanings of the songs, the music itself is still the foundation for all their tracks. One might say its half and half, but it really comes down to what type of input each member contributes whether it be lyrical or musical. It is this type of formula that makes On The Rise one of today's most determined, and promising hardcore bands, destined for success.

531 DISCIPLINE "Everywhere we go" (mcd)

Discipline is a Street Rock

530 BEANS "So it goes" (cd)

Beans was formed in February 1996, they started out as a cover band. Covering songs from Operation Ivy, Rancid and Choking Victim. After a year their bassplayer left the band due to a lack of talent. So Ronald, Sander en Bikkel decided to go on with just the three of them. They were still covering their all time favourites and never expected to leave the practice room to do a show. But a friend of them asked them to play a show for some people he knew. For this show he needed a name to be put on the flyer. In a hurry Sander, Bikkel and Ronald decided to call their band 'Beans'. After that they played some more Beans shows and people started to recognize the name. So they were stuck with the name. Two weeks before this first show, Blok told them that he would love to play the bassguitar in their band. Blok had never played the bassguitar before, he just wanted to play in a band. Blok never left.
After three years of playing shows they decided to record their first full length album 'weapons of the weak'. They recorded it in two days. All their friends liked the album so much that they decided to send a copy of it to a large international dutch metal/punk/hardcore magazine. Onno cromag (who works for this magazine) recieved it. The same day he called them for an appointment, because he was shocked about the high quality of the album. He also had called his friend/partner Laurens at I Scream Records and let him hear some songs via the telephone.

They recorded the second album 'C'mon, Get it on' in february 2000, a year after 'Weapons of the weak', again 16 songs, again Menno Bakker. It took two and a half day to record C'mon. More history will come as time goes on...

505 UPPERCUT "" (cd)

Uppercut formed in 1995. Influenced by a wide range of HC bands such as Wide Awake, Minor Threat and Up Front, they put out a demo and 2 DIY cd's before teaming up with I Scream Records to release 5 songs on the I Scream Records compilation "The New League Of Hardcore Series", followed by a full length cd entitled "A Luta Continua" (the struggle continues).

Some time after the release of this record, uppercut parted ways with drummer patrick, to make way for new drummer robert. With the arrival of this youngster, the ultra fast old school beats were more or less replaced by more solid rhythms, and the sound changed a little bit more towards that of bands like Carry On, Insted and Kill Your Idols.

A 7" was released on the small Dutch label new day records, and the band is currently working on a new full length record, to be released through I Scream Records sometime next year.

Uppercut's goal to this day has stayed the same: causing as many slampits,
singalongs and stagedive-frenzies as possible.

504 DEVIATE "Red asunder" (cd) pix in the database


502 DEATH THREAT "For god & governement" (cd) pix in the database

DEATH THREAT returns with their sophomore effort For God And Government. A potent mix of Hardcore and punk rock with a touch of metal makes up the DEATH THREAT sound.

Formed in 1997 by former members of Hatebreed, the band quickly burst onto the scene with a brutal live set. The band built a loyal following throughout the East Coast through constant touring. 1998 saw the release of their debut EP on the influential Stillborn Records and firmly established them as leaders of Hardcore

497 DO OR DIE "The meaning of honour" (cd)

The Meaning Of Honor is the keyword for the band, that

445 V/A ISCREAM "5 years of blood, sweat & tears" (cd)

388 STUCK UP "Declining kingdom" (cd)

Since the day they started, in 1993, STUCK UP has taken their spot into the Belgian Hardcore scene.
This due to the motivation of each member to compose new songs on one hand and to the preparation of each live show on the other. Their live reputation gives the crowd a musical and visual wall of sound. They've proved themselves on stage supporting bands like Biohazard in February 1997.

Stuck Up was founded from the ashes of a band called Demance. In March 1993, after being a drumroadie for quit a while, God was asked to be the new singer right after the vocalist left a few hours before recording the songs. From roadie to lead singer in seconds God did a great job standing in front of a mic for the first time.

Chris quited Stuck Up in 1999 and founded Do Or Die later that year.

379 STIGMATA "Do unto others" (cd)

So there are legends and then there are legends.
And then beyond that, there

313 PITBOSS 2K "Everyone s a winner" (cd) pix in the database

Ladies and Gentlemen we are here to bring into Hardcore what is known to us as 'Hardcore Entertainment'. Many bands use the hardcore forum to talk about the streets, to talk about tough times, to talk about unity, to talk about what to eat, smoke or drink. They use hardcore to prove what scene stars they are and how popular they are to the psychophants who idolize them. They love to tell you how real everything is, how if you doubt their message, you will be subject to strong lectures or beatdowns. We who represent PITBOSS 2000 want to represent Entertainment. THAT'S IT!!! We want kids to come out to shows, to circle pit, to laugh, to have a good time, to take some good natured ribbing, to engage in some Politically Incorrect Dialogue. We want them to leave behind what they know about "Real" Hardcore and come be entertained. In no way are we taking away from bands that actually believe they have a message and for them that message is important. But as far PITBOSS 2000 goes, we have no agenda. These Lines from
Lifes Too Short spell it out:

Life is short, you gotta have fun, Ball Bust on Everyone, Fuck em if they can't take a joke, When Hardcore's done where will they go. Everyone in the world falls into this, we bust on ourselves, we bust on others, you have to stop taking yourselves and your problems so damn serious. For those of you who want to be entertained and have a good time, come on out and check us out, for those of you who live hardcore everyday like a religion, disregard this and keep talking smack.

130 DO OR DIE "Heart full o fpain" (cd)

Born at the end of the year 1999 as a project gathering members of Stuck-Up and Instigate, Do Or Die is first of all a united family pushed forward by the rage and the desire to make itself heard. This family aka Bella Famiglia is composed of Nico and Luigi on the guitars, Jon on drums, Yvan at the bass, ad Chris and Alain at the microphone. Their powerfull and agressive hardcore has many and varied influences and offers the particularity to line two singers up within a single band. Despite its young age, Do Or Die is already well experienced and is made for live performances. The band is touring intensively, supporting bands such as Merauder, Length of time, Deviate or Madball.

The band has released a seven inch titled Tears Of Rage. In February 2001 the longawaited first full lenght Heart Full Of Pain came out on I Scream Records. Belgian metalcore at is best

122 DISCIPLINE "Nice boys finish last" (cd)

Discipline is a Street Rock 'n Roll band, hailing from Eindhoven, Holland. These guys have been around since 1990. In the early days they had a different name and a different line-up. The current line-up is:
Joost de Graaf - Vocals
Carlo Geerlings - Bass
Erik Wouters - Guitar
Joost Strijbos - Drums

After 5 years of struggling and making some demo-tapes, in 1995 Discipline signed to Lost&Found Records from Germany. The 1st release was the 5-track "Stompin' Crew EP" in the summer of 1995. This one was followed up by their 1st album "Guilty as Charged" in 1996. The reactions to this dynamite Streetcore-album were overwhelmingly positive and the guys did a lot of shows, including a european tour with The Business, to promote this album all over Europe. Early 1998 the "Bulldog Style"-album was released, also by L&F Records. On this record Discipline already tried to combine the best of both worlds: Oi meets Hardcore. This album was a huge succes again in the underground scene. Through hard work, the band gained itself a reputation of doing very energetic liveshows. But like always, there was also another side to the coin

117 DEVIATE "State of grace" (cd) pix in the database



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