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  Disrespect ''hit the ceiling'' | Diehard records
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Punch Your Face  (579)
Fat Society  (501)
Final Word  (392)
End Of Days  (502)
Rise And Fall  (498)
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Dew Scented
''issue vi''
Born From Pain
''in the love...''
When Freedom Dies
''demo cd''
Cast Aside
''the struggle''
Blood 4 Blood
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Householdname Records



1367 ONE LAST SIN "The fall of darkness" (7)


1. Watching it burn
2. Fall of darkness
3. No voice

released in 98 !!!

1362 JUDGEMENT DAY NYC "Mind over matter of fact" (7)


1. For no reason
2. Hard to swallow
3. E go trip
4. Shotgun (outro)

714 WAKE UP COLD "Deliver me from evil" (cd) mp3 in da base

Pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas encore Wake Up Cold, je vous donne indice : JR Glass, qui n'est autre que le chanteur du groupe Next Step Up qui se retrouve l

610 FURY OF FIVE "Telling it like it is !!!" (mcd) pix in the database

A title track never have been more explicit than this one. This record capture the essence of what was FURY OF FIVE before they hit the world on tour and released 3 devastating full albums on labels like Gain Ground, Kingfisher or Victory Records. One of the hardest band ever, you'd better believe it. Here there

176 FIVE MINUTE MAJOR "When it ends" (cd) pix in the database

5 Minute Major comes from Astoria, Queens, in NY. The place that already gave us bands like Cold Front, Crown Of Thornz. Since people always need references I guess the band represent perfectly where they come from, the music is hit real hard but with great guitar melodies that make them special. That should give you an idea of the great band 5 Minute Major is.


4-way split CD that comes with the best from Europa and East Coast US. A really straight up brutal hardcore release featuring brand new songs from these champs! Check them out now.


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