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EXIT Records
EXIT Records
1379 MOTIVE "I vs. the Beckoning of Darkness" (cd)

Released in 1998

Motive's full length definitely showed a mature musical progression from their Doctrine of Scripted Torture 7". This record maintains a lot of the controlled chaos found on the 7", but finds itself drifting into far more melodies than before. I'm pretty sure this is the last legitimate release from Motive. They did a demo towards the very end of their existence, but something had definitely changed, and it wasn't nearly as good as their previous recordings.


1. Dormancy Pill
2. Furthering the Demonic Destiny
3. Time Capsule
4. Icicles
5. Blue Grey Black
6. Crooked Stick and Its Divine Music Box
7. Twan Maratea Theory
8. Circle Place
9. First Quarter
10. Battle of the Ants

1277 CLEANSER "S/t" (7) pix in the database

Split with Neglect


1. Failure to comply

1276 NEGLECT "S/t" (7) pix in the database

Split with Cleanser


1. You deserve to live

438 V/A EXIT "Mindset overhaul" (cd)

New York Hardcore artists


1. Indecision "hallowed be thy name"
2. Mind Over Matter "too much"
3. Silent Majority "popular opinion"
4. Bad Trip "something more"
5. The Judas Factor "the last days of the titanic"
6. Milhouse "versus excalibur"
7. Yuppicide "meat packer"
8. Madball "step to you"
9. Neglect "l.s.S."
10. SOns Of Abraham "the greatest of speakers"
11. Die 116 "1 in 6"
12. SFA "gyroscope"
13. Yuppicide "lucky 13"
14. Stillsuit "open mind"
15. Motive "the dormancy pill"
16. Gin Mill "3lt"
17. Tripface "overlayer"
18. Bad Trip "dehumanization"
19. Silent Majority "recognize"
20. Yuppicide "true love"
21. Irony Of Lightfoot "playstation"
22. Mind Over Matter "automanipulation"
23. Lamagna "fifty-two minutes"
24. Die 116 "last laugh"
25. Indecision "most precious blood"
26. Milhouse "mother jokes"
27. FTE "rockabilly"
28. Yuppicide "all for nothing"
29. Bad Trip "inspiration"
30. Mind Over Matter "new york, new york"


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