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BRIDGE 9 Records

1271 HAVE HEART "Songs to scream" (cd) pix in the database

I guess a lot of people awaited for this one, even if the last album of Have Heart is only 2 years old. If you're into hardcore and not living on a pacific island without internet, you know these guys being the biggest hold up of 2006, how they've attacked the whole world with only a demo, an ep and a full lenght, and how they've became one of the most respected bands nowaday. Logicaly, after the hightly acclaim "the things we carry", everyone felt the next record will be a turning point for Have heart. And again my words cannot do this album justice. With "songs to scream at the sun", Have Heart went far away from all the classic harmonies, song structures and themes of hardcore. They went beyond what could have become their musical automatism, they reinvented themselves but stayed true to their passion, for the greatest.
by pierre!


1. The Same Son
2. Bostons
3. Pave Paradise
4. On The Bird In The Cage
5. Brotherly Love
6. No Roses, No Skies
7. The Taste Of The Floor
8. Reflections
9. Hard Back On The Family Tree
10. The Same Sun

1270 VERSE "Aggression" (cd) pix in the database

For the past years in the New England area there have been many great hardcore bands such as Guns Up!, Shipwreck, Have Heart and Verse. Verse still remain the most melodic and energetic band to date. Its singer Sean Murphy put again his whole soul into these 12 songs, and this record remind me some concept album from the 80' glamrock : Opera hardcore, that doesn't sound bad. In fact that doesn't sound bad at all. More melodic, more possessed, more political, more everything, "aggression" elevate Verse to a higher level. A great record.
by pierre!


1. The New Fury
2. Old Guards, New Methods
3. Suffering To Live, Scared of Love
4. Signals
5. Scream
6. Story of a Free Man - Chapter One: the End of Innocence
7. Story of a Free Man - Chapter Two: The Cold Return
8. Story of a Free Man - Chapter Three: Serenity
9. Blind Salvation
10. Unlearn
11. Earth and Stone
12. Sons and Daughters

1206 HAVE HEART "The things we carry" (cd) pix in the database

Almost 3 years between the EP "What counts" and debut full lenght "the things we carry". The wait is over and it's impossible for my words to do this album justice. Have Heart is what modern hardcore should sound like, from intensity to sincerity. You don't have to be straight edge or passionnate about the old school scene to get into it. Just get into it.
by xpierrex


1. Life Is Hard Enough
2. Watch Me Sink
3. Armed With A Mind
4. About Face
5. Unbreakable, The
6. Old Man II
7. Song Of Shame
8. To Us Fools
9. Something More Than Ink
10. Machinist, The
11. Watch Me Rise

1193 DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR "Count me in" (cd) pix in the database

Today well known Boston hardcore act Death Before Dishonor are back after 2 years of touring with a new album "Count Me In" who finaly hit the streets. Less metal and more hardcore, a bit classic in it's approach, Death Before Dishonor sign in their first full lenght for the label "Bridge Nine" a solid work but who won't honestly stay longer in your ghettoblaster : the hole stuff seems to much recycled and fitted for the scene to have a long life outside live halls. 12 tracks and a final one cover of Cock Sparer's "England Belongs To Me" titled (believe it or not) "Boston Belongs To Me", "Count Me In" will drown in the ocean of "cool but too much listened" records.


1. Intro
2. Count Me In
3. Nowhere To Turn
4. Break Throught It All
5. Curl Up And Die
6. Behind Your Eyes
7. Fuck It All
8. See It Throught
9. Nothing But Agony
10. Infected
11. Take Me Away
12. Still Standing
13. Boston Belongs To Me

1136 RUINER "Prepare to be let down" (cd) pix in the database

Recently signed on Bridge Nine Records, the Baltimore guys of Ruiner finally released their first album called "Prepare To Be Let Down". Produced by Jim Siegel (Dropkick Murphys, Have Heart, Guns Up!, Blacklisted), the anger and despair of Rob Sullivan and friends couldn't be more magnified. But even if this album is fueled by some good dark and thick melodic hardcore songs, the whole stuff leaves much to be desired.
In fact I can't deny an uncommon inspiration (digging in poetry and textes of the american philosopher Henry-David Thoreau), but some "I've heard this riff a million times before" passages offend the quality of the set.
by xpierrex


1. Prepare to be let down
2. Bottom line: fuck you
3. The lives we fear
4. That stone better be on fire
5. 40 miles north
6. A Song for the beggars
7. Long time coming
8. Repetition
9. Choke on it
10. When the morning ends
11. Sleepless
12. Kiss that motherfucker good night

1118 STAND AND FIGHT "Together we win" (cd)


1. Together We Win
2. Living Blind
3. Conscious Effort
4. Fight Back
5. Attitude Adjustment
6. Perspective
7. I Won't Break
8. Stand Tall
9. Promises
10. Red Handed
11. No Pride
12. Another Wrong Turn
13. Back Off
14. So Much More

1093 BETRAYED "Addiction" (cd)

1092 DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR "Friends family forever" (cd) pix in the database


1. Born From Misery
2. Endless Suffering
3. By My Side
4. Never Again
5. Walk Away
6. Dying Inside
7. Curl Up And Die
8. Game's Over
9. Dead To Me
10. 666 Friends Family Forever
11. Live @ CBGBs Set

1091 CARRY ON "A life less plagued" (cd)


1. The View
2. Waiting On Forever
3. Killing A Sound
4. Roll With The Punches
5. Mirrors & Needles
6. Is This All There Is?
7. A Life Less Plagued
8. X's Always Win
9. So Much Of You
10. Off My Chest
11. Broken Strings
12. Rethinking

603 TERROR "Lowest of the low" (cd)

Brutal hardcore with ex Buried ALIVE vocal -
"Premier album de ce groupe venant de Californie mais originaire de Buffalo, NY. Terror comprend, entre autres, dans ses rangs Scott Vogel (ex BURIED ALIVE) et Todd Jones (CARRY ON). TERROR vient d'achever (en mai) une tourn


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