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INNER DAM ''When angels fall'' | Rpp records

inner dam INNER DAM
"When angels fall" (cd)

Added: 1999-11-11
Label: Rpp records


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This great NYHC band is back with a brand new line-up and they're playing shows every week-end. Their 2 CD's, 'When Angels fall' and 'The day everything meant nothing' are still available ! The band will come over to Europe for the very first time in November 99.
Inner Dam's impact was felt almost immediately upon their formation in late 1995. Meshing old school, new school and straight up heavy metal, the band released a four song 7' on Released Power Productions (Belgium). The 7" on RPP entitled, "Through the Eyes of Suffering" proved to be the first of many releases with RPP. Through word of mouth and constant shows in and out of state, Inner Dam has paid their dues playing with such heavy weight acts such as: Agnostic Front, Napalm Death, H20, Earth Crisis, Breakdown, Killing Time, V.O.D., S.O.D. and many others. 1997 say the band travel to Cambridge Mass to record as Salad Days recording studio with taskmaster Brian McTernan taking on the production duties. The result was six blistering songs that became known as "The Day Everything Meant Nothing" CD (now already in it's third press). In 1998 the band quietly kept plugging away and got themselves on five CD compilations, including Rick TA Life's "Call For Unity 2". By the middle of 1998, Inner Dam forged out three new songs and compilation, demo/7" songs and even a cover song by one of their most influential bands 108 (Killer Of The Soul). Once again on RPP, this ten song endeavor was released as the, "When Angels Fall" CD. Inner Dam toured Europe in November 99 promoting their last EP 'The last second of forever' which featured 3 songs of mature hardcore that appealed to a large audience.
Latest news : the band broke up

inner"Through Darkness, Broken Hearts and Open Veins"
  Label : Self True records

inner"Through the eyes of suffering"
  Label : Rpp records

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