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Swear To God
2003 Demo

Label : S/p Records
Format : CD-R
Date : 2005-07-03

Coming straight out of Western Massachusetts, Swear To God was formed in March of 2002 by bassist Leo Lombardozzi and drummer John Gamble with the intent of bringing back hardcore into a metal saturated scene.
The band started modestly as a simple project to write a few songs and put out a demo for their clique. Needing an additional member for practices they
enlisted Neil Olinski on guitar. By July of that year, and with John pulling
triple duty on drums, vocals, and second guitar, the 3-piece had recorded a
demo worthy of representing what Swear To God could sound like. Over the course of the next year nearly 500 copies were distributed throughout the Northeast as word spread quickly about this new "brutal band".
On the strength of this demo the band played its first couple shows in western Massachusetts and Connecticut. Needing a full line up they enlisted guitarist Adam Fisher (Fear For Your Life) and original singer Nate Roshkind
(formally Connecticut's now defunct Untold Truth).
Shortly thereafter Swear To God parted ways with Nate and over the course of the next year played shows with a revolving lineup of fill-in members from such bands as Fight Night, Fear For Your Life, and Violent Reality.
The band played over a dozen shows under these circumstances in much of New England, New York, and Pennsylvania, as well as a growing number of shows at home in Western Mass where it was evident the band was gaining a loyal following.
From opening shows in the tri state region to headlining spots as far as nine hours from home in Pittsburgh and Erie, PA, Swear To God was spreading their music far and wide while getting people talking throughout the country.
After a few failed attempts at finding a full time drummer or singer, long time friend Jamie Riddle moved back home to Western Massachusetts from Brooklyn, NYC in July 2003 to become the drummer.
Swear To God recorded
songs for a second widely distributed demo during November of 2003 and soon after joined forces with Jeremy Leary who took over vocal duties.
Nevertheless, the band still went through a revolving door of member changes over the next couple years, all the while maintaining the stability to play shows. During the late spring of 2005 the band will release a split with
friends Recon and Killing Floor. Look out for an EP in the future.
If you dig heavy stuff like Hatebreed, Bulldoze, Death Threat, Swear To god is for you !


1. You make me sick
2. Nothing But Enemies
3. Look At Yourself
4. Live To Regret

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swear to god ''2003 demo'' | S/p records

------swear to god
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