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SPIDER CREW ''A menace ta society'' | Iscream records

spider crew SPIDER CREW
"A menace ta society" (cd)

Added: 2003-04-07
Label: Iscream records


» Review:

SPIDERCREW is one of the new uprising bands in Europe. They started in the middle of the year 2000 and got already , after recording only one DEMO TAPE , a lot of offers from different labels. Finally they decided to go to I SCREAM RECORDS to release their first MCD " You Better Recognize" - which is out now.
It's an amazing record that will make fans of OLD SCHOOL HARDCORE and OI MUSIC happy. Scene Heroes like ONNO CRO MAG or DAVE RIGHT DIRECTION are already big fans of SPIDERCREW. The Spider Boys who are coming out of Austrias Capital VIENNA will also appear on the EUROPEAN HARDCORE PARTY 6 - so be there and support them. Although SPIDERCREW is existing for only such a few time - all the members in the band have been part of the HARDCORE SCENE for years. Like MIKE C. (guitar) , who is also the frontman of ONLY ATTITUDE COUNTS - one of the leading HC forces in Europe.Or SEAN DALOISE (vocals) who grew up together with LU (SUBZERO/SKARHEAD) and sang in several NYHC BANDS before he found his love for the VIENNA STYLE. The second singer in this MULTINATIONAL BAND is JURGEN (Vocals) from PROUD OF IGNORANCE (R.I.P) who stood his man in the VSHC FAMILY for years.The bassplayer HORACE G. and the drummer TOMMY E.B. played in BUST THE CHAIN - one of the biggest HC bands in Austria back then.

These guys came together to make one of the most interesting HC records for a long time - "You Better Recognize" Buy this record - steal it - however - but get it - cause it's amazing !!!

mp3"Vienna riot"

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