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NECK ''Should my fist eye'' | Cho Sin records

neck NECK
"Should my fist eye" (cd)

Added: 2012-06-12
Label: Cho Sin records


» Review:

Neck are definitely not your run-of-the-mill metal band. Actually, I'm not even sure they can be called a 'metal band,' as their palette includes just as much alternative and hardcore. And weirdness. The oddly-titled Should My Fist Eye is the second full-length effort from this New York quartet and displays quite a bit of creative energy.

The first song "Stingmaskii" covers most of the bases, but "Patterns" is where the band really show their stuff. Swerving wildly from unmelodic, downtuned riffs with grating, shouted vocals to more experimental territory with lighter, melodic singing, the song keeps you guessing throughout. At one point they even hit on the kind of quirky chording and time signatures that made Voivod's Nothingface album such a landmark. Most of the album proceeds along these lines, but the band are more than happy to throw a spanner in the works from time to time. "Open Window" starts off with a slow, clean guitar melody, brings in some soft, floating vocals and maintains this air of calm for it's entire five-minute length.

Take the weirdness and rhythmic elements from old Voivod, throw in some Neurosis sludge and top it off with your favorite post-hardcore hardcore outfit and you'll get Neck. It is difficult, mostly brutal music that is bound to be of great appeal to a very select audience. Personally, I can appreciate what they are doing, but I can't say that I really enjoyed it. The songs tend to be too long and lethargic for my tastes, plus I can only take the hardcorish vocals in small amounts. If you've got the stamina, though, then Neck may be just your thing.
released in 2000 .

[Daniel Hinds]


1. Stingmaskii
2. Patterns
3. Crawl Away
4. Fuck It
5. Shun Fist
6. Three Crosses ('99)
7. Open Window
8. Old Teeth
9. Cinder

  Label : S.f.t records

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