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CULTURE ''born of you'' | Goodlife records

culture CULTURE
"Born of you" (cd)

Added: 1998-10-08
Label: Goodlife records

 Rating: 3.0/5 (39 votes)


» Review:

True Masterpiece of Florida Hardcore, featuring John Wylie and Damien Moyal, as well as current Blood Has Been Shed guy Rich Thurston and Gordon Tarpely (ex AFR). Way ahead of it's time, and, with songs like 'Twenty-Four', a classic band and record in the new wave of Straight Edge


1. Born of you
2. Apologies
3. Not as mine
4. Unconditional love
5. Twenty four
6. Another path
7. One and only
8. Defect
9. Still crossed
10. Silence surrounds

  Label : Catalyst records

culture"Split cd"
  Label : Goodlife records

  Label : Goodlife records

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