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COVERHATE ''s/t'' | S/p records

coverhate COVERHATE
"S/t" (cd-r)

Added: 2004-01-13
Label: selfproduced stuff

 Rating: 2.1/5 (27 votes)


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COVERHATE was born in the year 2000, of the association of two members from SURGE OF FURY anxious from to recover their stands from predilection, this is have to tell, Sam have the battery and Most to song. They propose have the former guitarist from BRAINSCAN, Phil, from joining have them. This is thereof trio what starts the group and consists the first titles of group, then do research one's bassist, thing suitable with the arrival from K-fi, bassist coming one's any other universe musical, the heavy-metal 80' and the doom. Have them four they offer the first ones concert from COVERHATE have the zone (liege)and one can to tell that they take back a certain success. Fancy the style musical of group, Aubry comes it joining to group, coming from EXCAVATED a group death's metal, he brings one touch technical the added to compositions of group.
After 1 year and half from good and loyal services the group make decisions of himself separating from K-fi thereof the substitute by Lorenz, bassist from JAUNTY STEP, have thereof judging upon stage.
COVERHATE purposes one Hard -core strong going of old-scool to mid tempo very lumbering, all that that it would is necessary to make to move the public.
The group has registered its first demo to the month of february 2003 that contains three titles giving one view of the directory of group.

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