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CHAMBERLAIN ''Vive year diary 1996-2000'' | Engineer records

chamberlain CHAMBERLAIN
"Vive year diary 1996-2000" (cd)

Added: 2003-12-10
Label: Engineer records


» Review:

Considering the drastic change of style from their initial incarnation as Split Lip, it remains a firm fact that any new Chamberlain release is met with high anticipation. For this incredible 28-track retrospective the wait has been a long and loyal one for many fans and an exciting prospect to finally hear the band's demo works and lost gems.

Most notably this features material from the original five piece line-up and unveils the much awaited and rumoured songs from the time between the debut Chamberlain release "Fates Got A Driver" and the last record from the band in it's original form 'the Moon My Saddle".

This is an extremely significant aspect of this collection as it bridges the gap between those two records and provides important evidence of the band's progression from their post-hardcore / emo roots to their latter day alternative country rock leanings. Displayed on the fantastic songs from the 1996 demo recordings, Everything Here, Magnetic 62nd and From Infinity to the County Fair, it's a trip down memory lane.

The flood of excitement that you"re listening to a new Chamberlain song creeps up on you from a time when this band were at their peak and offering mind blowing examples of layered, driving and inspirational song writing. Another important piece of the puzzle is discovered on the "full-band" version of Racing Cincinnati, a classic, moving song that appeared on'the Moon My Saddle" as a beautiful vocal / piano arrangement. Now is the chance to rock out to the version that took the breath away of audiences lucky enough to witness the band's only European tour back in 1996.

So already the 96" demos would be enough to make an incredible EP but there's still 24 more tracks to go! The next three tracks are taken from demo recordings from 1997 and form a perfect introduction to the new ideas that were arriving for the "Moon My Saddle" LP. Next up are 15 tracks continuing the journey, presented as a first-time document of the band's memorable live performances.

These include songs spanning the band's history under alternate line-up's displaying their faultless consistency and complete strength and confidence in their identity, including an equally great early version of one of their "Exit 263" tracks originally titled here as "Wherever I Lay My Head".

Their latter performances as a four piece were still injected with energy and passion whether charging through old rocking classics or newer blues / country lead ballads. This is all kicked off with the popular title track "Five Year Diary", cleverly constructed as a running theme throughout the live set and finishing off the album as a bonus track. Preceding this reprise however are some splendid takes from the band's final outings at their remote Big Brown Studios where they penned some of the songs closest to their hearts and most definitive of the later direction.

At last an essential document of Chamberlain history and a chance to understand such a great band's progression.

For fans of: Jets to Brazil, Dead Red Sea, Favez The Wallflowers, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan


1. 96 Demos
2. 97 Demos
3. 98 Live Recordings
4. Songs From Big Brown 1998-2000
5. Bonus Track

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