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BRIDGE TO SOLACE ''Where nightmares and dreams unite'' | Gangstyle records

bridge to solace BRIDGE TO SOLACE
"Where nightmares and dreams unite" (cd)

Added: 2006-06-12
Label: Gangstyle records


» Review:

Hungary isn't where you would expect a band like Bridge To Solace to come from since. taking a pinch of the famous Gothenburg metal sound and some extra flavour from the sound that is known as the New Wave Of American Heavy Metal, Add to those two components a raw and very individual twist and you have something that is going to appeal to Metal fans all over the world. Where Nightmares And Dreams Unite is Bridge To Solace's debut album for GSR and it shows a band that has truly honed their sound and presents an album full of blistering anthems that take you by the heart and that will stay with you forever. Equal parts brutality and beautiful melody, Where Nightmares And Dreams Unite blends crushing riffs with the kind of melody Iron Maiden are known for. The melody still stays true to the band's heavy dynamic of pulverising the listener, but manages to engross you with hook laden riffs that will be in your head for weeks. Vocalist Zoli ups the anti with vocals that just burst forth from the speakers spewing raw emotion, yet never veering from a devastating style that not once relents it's intensity and outright authority. This is the perfect album for Bridge To Solace to really break out and infect everybody with their high octane and crushing anthems for the new generation of Metal listener. If Bridge To Solace were from the USA, they'd be huge and legions of fans would be following their every move. This band is destined to grow and grow and will surely find their own place amongst the world's elite of metal bands.


1. Sundeath
2. The Dead And The unknown
3. Through The Eyes Of The Dead
4. Ruins
5. The Martyr's Path
6. A Culture Of Denial
7. Where Nightmares And Dreams Unite
8. All Hopes Abandoned
9. Escapist

mp3"The dead and the unknown"

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