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UNITYHXC.COM | Webzine : Keep On Playing


The website of my punk/ hardcore paper fanzine is now online! Keep on Playing #4 will comes out next week! Interviews with e.g. Senseless, Waterdown, The Ataris, Gino's Eyeball, Shandon, Mad Caddies, Dropkick Murphys and more! Also a whole bunch of writings, reviews,...
4 euro postage included + free cd and a few stickers!!!!!

Please visit the website and it would be very cool if some of you register them on the forum and maybe you can talk about some things there! At least I think everybody has something to say, just speak it out! That's very important to us and for the zine (your opinions give us ideas to write about!!!) The forum is open for everyone, so you can discuss everything you want! The website is new, so it's very important to us, to have as many users as possible!


Florian & Keep on Playing

Ps. Link my if you want! I'll link you back when you ask it, but please send me your URL by email!
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