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Inner Rage Records


1298 V/A SWELLCREEK "Suck this city 9" (10)

Issue # 9
Limited vinyl edition with worldwide hardcore bands - also available on white and blue vinyls.


1. Slapshot
2. Only Attitude Counts
3. Agnostic Front
4. H2O
5. Father And Gun
6. The Vendetta VS Beastie Boiz
7. 50 Lions
8. With Open Arms
9. State Of Mind
10. Rise From Above


1. Anticops
2. Providence
3. Settle The Score
4. Ratface
5. Point Of View
6. Strength Approach
7. New Hate Rising
8. Low Chi
9. Last Mile

1297 ONLY ATTITUDE COUNTS "Face the wrath" (cd) pix in the database

Vienna Style hardcore still in the game - This is the last CD of this great and def one of the best NYHC Euro band.
'Face The Wrath' contains 12 tracks ; 4 brandnew tracks, 3 never before released tracks and the entire out-of-print CD '100%' !!!


1. Pricileg (What hardcore means to me)
2. True believer
3. Straight denial
4. Face the wrath
5. Goin' the distance
6. The beef ain't over
7. Worship the trurh
8. Memories (The hands of time)
9. The chosen elite
10. Lord of lies
11. 100%
12. For now and ever


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