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SELAH Records

SELAH Records

690 BLOODLINED CALLIGRAPHY "Say hi to the bad guy" (cd) pix in the database

Bloodlined calligraphy's full length debut on selahrecords will make you love (hXc metal) all over again, just like the first time you geared up for ninja action in the pit.


1. Intro
2. Isaac Is The Champ - mp3 video
3. The Day Our Loved Was Euthanized
4. The Saddest Girl To Ever Hold A Martini
5. They Call Me Mr. Glass
6. Begging The Blind
7. Untitled
8. Twilight Zone Sample
9. Drowning An Angel
10. Funeral For Dead Roses
11. Teddy P. And A Bottle Of Boones
12. The Rising Tide
13. Of The Divine And Damned

689 BESTIARY "The loscust, the fire and the plumbline" (cd)

Bestiary's first attempt to capture their intense raw energy on CD and it's no doubt they did just that! This 6 song EP has earned them the right to grace cornerstone's 2002 new bands stage where they rocked the audience like a hurricane. come on, come on, come on!!


1. When Will The Rain Come
2. Butcher The Forth Coming
3. First Fight
4. Fed To Ravens
5. Breathless
6. Veil Of Tears

687 ANAH AEVIA "Realise you re dead" (cd) pix in the database mp3 in da base

A follow up to their highly received EP, "realize you're dead" demonstrates anah aevia's ability to keep you guessing, even through an entire full length! This CD is nothing short of amazing, everything you've come to expect from these axe wielding maniacs.
intense screamo !!!
inhuman screams, peaceful vocal harmonies, unmatched creative breakdowns, and technical metal riff.


1 - Murder
2 - Emmanuel my provider
3 - Hubble's law
4 - October 12,1998
5 - Renewal
6 - Eyes Asphixiated
7 - Mexico City
8 - Hope
9 - London Life
10 - A tale of two revolutions
11 - Sea and Sky
12 - Mourning the Innocent
13 - Rest


Knives Out Records
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