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S/P Records
S/P Records
1467 ILL BLOOD "The test of time" (cd)

Sweden Hardcore formed in 2011 featuring members of DEAD REPRISE, BITTER TASTE OF LIFE, ELAPSE AND LOSE THE LIFE!


1. Intro
2. nma
3. Abolish democracy
4. Hands cut off
5. The test of time

1455 ALL SPYZ "S/t" (cd)

Released live in 1994 at Studio de La Dame.
This band has became PRIMAL AGE some couple of years after. Classic hardcore.


1. Survival
2. Make a fire
3. Pain
4. Open your eyes

1445 4 IN THA CHAMBER "Not for the weak of heart" (cd) pix in the database

Released in 2008.


1. Scarlet
2. The end of forever
3. Not for the weak of heart
4. Supremacy
5. A thousand threats
6. Buried alive

1444 V/A UNDERGROUND HARDCORE "Compilation n 1" (cd-r)

Diy comp made by Marieke aka Pitbullgrind. She has also worked with GSR later.


1. Bloodshot
2. Bloodshot
3. Disturb
4. Disturb
5. Falling Elbow
6. Falling Elbow
7. Forest In Blood
8. Inmate
9. Inmate
10. Lived
11. Lived
12. Maypole
13. Maypole
14. Silk
15. Silk
16. Tv
17. Unfit 2 Life
18. Unfit 2 Life
19. Value Driven
20. Value Driven

1442 IN GREED "Unlive" (cd)

Paris hardcore. 2 live songs recorded at "La Basse-Cour", Nanterre in november 1999 during a show with Forest In Blood and Knock Outz.


1. One
2. Myself

1441 FRONTAL "Vida convicta" (cd)

Brasil metalcore

1438 WORTH THE PAIN "Promo 2002" (cd-r)

Finland hardcore with members of No One Is Safe, Ratface


1. Bound by trust
2. Gotta keep fighting
3. The day when you fall
4. No regrets (live)

1435 BREAK YOUR FIST "Face to face" (cd-r) pix in the database

Awesome metallic epic hardcore from Japan - Heaven Shall burn Style !!!! great demo


1. Resentment
2. Face to face
3. Possibility of eternity

1434 ALEA JACTA EST "Split cd 2008" (cd) pix in the database

French hardcore
split with Fat Ass


Alea Jacta Est
1. Intro
2. Change yourself first
3. Your reign ends here
4. Patriota
5. Leave no man behind
6. See the truth

Fat Ass
7. The beginning of the end
8. No prisoners, slaughter em all
9. Past is lost forever
10. The devil s rejects
11. Burn this world
12. Outro

1433 FAT ASS "Split cd 2008" (cd) pix in the database

French hardcore
split with Alea Jacta Est


Alea Jacta Est
1. Intro
2. Change yourself first
3. Your reign ends here
4. Patriota
5. Leave no man behind
6. See the truth

Fat Ass
7. The beginning of the end
8. No prisoners, slaughter em all
9. Past is lost forever
10. The devil s rejects
11. Burn this world
12. Outro

1430 MOST HIGH GAME "Discharge" (cd) pix in the database

Heavy hardcore outta japan, recorded in 2007


1. Discharge
2. Never give up
3. Show down
4. The fool

1428 YOU LOSE "All in" (cd-r)

Modern hardcore from filthy Paris with members of Providence, Days of Discord
Released in 2008


1. Two thousand seven
2. Day by day
3. Black smoke
4. Who s foolin who
5. Everyday misery


Australian heavy hardcore band from Melbourne.
First demo released in 2008


1. Truth and vengeance
2. Day by day

1418 REBEL TROOPS "Crew related" (cd-r)

Uk brutal hardcore with Cold Hard Truth members. IWO crew


1. Dead man walking
2. Red all red
3. Punks dead your next
4. I want out

1417 COLD STEEL "Forget your dreams,forget your past" (cd-r)

French hardcore band with members of Spitfight


1. Cold war
2. Hard commitment
3. You ve been warned

1411 THE EDGE "Promo 2011" (cd-r)

Belgium Metallic hardcore with some Count To React influences. Promising demo !!!


1. My way
2. Betrayal

1409 OPTIMIST "Mmxll" (cd-r)

German band formed in 2010 with ex-members of x End Of Days x.
Driven by the pure energy of raw hardcore and the relentless aggression of destroying old school death metal.

demo MMXII

1407 TINTA LEAL "Take control" (cd)


1. Hacemos Lo Que Queremos
2. Trial By Error
3. Tinta Leal
4. Makeshift Solutions
5. Unsubstantial
6. Lessons in Time
7. Are You Done?
8. Yeah... Whatever...
9. Mr. and Mrs. Know-It-All
10. For a Good Cause
11. Progress?
12. Caught in the Maze
13. High Tide
14. What Would You Do?
15. Changes Never Remain

1403 BRAVESTAR "Demo 2007" (cd-r)

Germany hardcore not unline Blood For Blood


1. Intro
2. Path of champions
3. Blood on the floor
4. Bravestar bbq

1402 UNIT 731 "Demo 2006" (cd-r) pix in the database

Pittsburg heavy Hardcore


1. Thruth kils tradition
2. Scenes of terror
3. Scuma da earf
4. Animosity

1394 HELL BURNS AWAY "The vehemence of the speech" (cd)

French Hardcore band from Caen featuring ex members of xBazookax. If you are into bands like Cast Aside, Down To Nothing, Terror.

1393 ULTIMHATE "In your ass bastard" (cd)

Review soon


1. Intro
2. Raining corpses
3. As you pray
4. Piss on your grave
5. We strike hard

1328 DAYS OF DISCORD "Rise of violence" (mcd)

DOD's Paris Hardcore new EP - in the vein of Blood For Blood


1. Lost youth
2. Disconnection
3. Hope is ruined
4. Come with me
5. Push
6. No second chance

1327 TRENCH WAR "Unrivaled" (cd-r) pix in the database

Missouri Heavy Hardcore !!!
This demo is awesome - it s been a while that i was looking for this kind of style like old days tuff hardcore. Bad that Trench War broke up.

1. Outnumbered
2. Live in fear
3. Unrivaled
4. Tell all your friends i said fuck them too
5. Forced out

1308 CHANGE THE WORLD "Sinking sun" (mcd) pix in the database

Change The World is a 4 piece , hardcore band from Saarbr

1304 WOLVERINE "Prey for us" (cd-r) pix in the database

Long Island, NY hardcore
Worth checking out !!!!! influences: Bulldoze, Crown Of Thornz, Buried Alive, Cro-Mags


1. Intro
2. Tales from a false prophet
3. Parasite
4. Take your shot
5. Deicide

1300 RATFACE "Demons days" (mcd) pix in the database


1. Northern punishment
2. Overminded
3. From da streetz
4. Demon dayz
5. Bringa of beatz; raiser of downz
6. Ultimate takeover

1296 SHIT HAPPENS "Silence sucks" (tape)

Demo 1993
Before to perform under the name of Seekers Of The Truth the first band's name was Shit Happens and they released two demos and a split 7 Inch. Under S.O.T.T they recorded several releases:Out Of Ignorance(cd-96) and Transcendence(mcd-97) both out on Lost And Found and i heard that a newest cd should be available for soon....So here its their first demo and are playing an old school SExHC a la Turning Point,Bold,Side By Side.

1289 REVIVE "Claim the change" (cd-r) pix in the database

Paris old school hardcore


1. Find the way
2. The one we fight
3. Claim the change
4. Rebirth

1253 RANCOR "Distinguish" (cd) pix in the database

Pre Born From Pain members - Lifeforce records


1. Bane
2. Baphomet
3. Manducation
4. Infinity
5. Perish
6. Lured discipline

1225 DAYS OF DISCORD "The thong behind the thug" (cd-r)

Days Of Discord is one of the most promising band outta paris. After a first demo in 2005, they released last year a MCD called "The Thong Behind The Thug". After few seconds we know it's gonna be massive. Close to the early Full Blown Chaos and Bounz The Ball supported by a raw production, the record is a great mix between heavy hardcore, bashing mid tempos and killing breakdowns. We expect a lot from these guys, so be sure to check them up : they worth it.

by xpierrex


1. Stand Your Ground
2. Dedication
3. Betrayal
4. The Showoff

1223 BACKSTAB "Demo 2007" (cd-r) pix in the database

This new outfit from london and friend of the rucktion family has just released a 4 tracks demo in the vein of a classic old school hardcore between sick of it all and the late 80'. it sounds really cool and got a "home-made / garage" touch and energy i like a lot. A good shot for a demo, now let's see how they gonna evolve, and if you got time and money go check backstab live. Oh and by the way it's a 100% girly band, but seriously we don't care.

by xpierrex


1. To Belong
2. He Who Sits On The Fence
3. Fash'n Bash'n
4. False Victim (feat DBS)

1222 MONSIEUR PO "There was life" (mcd) pix in the database

First MCD for this parisian band and a good shot. It's nice to hear some old fashioned stuff away from all the nowaday lame metalcore. This is how metalcore should be, how edge metal is, like it was on the late 90'. True, honest, angered, melodic without compleasant harmonies, fast and heavy on the same time. The artwork is a bit cheap, no japanese design this time even if the lyrics still got a big influence on that culture. Well it's DIY baby ! Think old caliban, old heaven shall burn, old narziss, neaera. Anyway, the guys should be on tour this year, don't miss them.

by xpierrex


1. Start the Fight
2. The Fourth Rider
3. Hasaki
4. Bodyguards of Lies
5. Seppuku
6. The Harvest
7. Warpath

1210 DEHANZA "S/t" (mcd) pix in the database


1. Eaten by a monkey
2. Be raout
3. Hate
4. Politics
5. Dehanza support free algeria
6. Bonus Track (IRS)

1205 SLICK SCRATCH "Ep" (cd-r)

The all-girl japanese band Slick Scratch is back again with a new EP. To see how far these women have come after all the difficulties they've encountered is amazing, and the sound of these 3 tracks is faithful to their state of mind : A powerfull metalcore without concessions. Great harmonies, the japanese female singing and the lyrics about woman issues gives the ensemble a unique taste while staying within the boundries of the genre. Quality.
by xpierrex


1. In...
3. A Little Flame Of Mother

1203 ALEA JACTA EST "Demo 2007" (mcd) pix in the database

Alea Jacta Est, the die is cast, i guess for the good in this new harcore metal outfit from Toulouse, France. A 3 tracks demo and we can already see talent even if it hadn't fully blossom yet. They got it, the recipe to make you headbang, the groove to get you bootyshake. I heard the drummer could play like the cd's drum-machine (bobby ?), i guess the band live isn't disappointing at all. A cool record, a band you should def keep an eye on.
by xpierrex


1. Intro
2. Today Friends, Tomorrow Enemies
3. Thirst Of Revenge

1182 SPIT YA TEETH "Shut your mouth" (cd) pix in the database


1. Plagued
2. Shut your mouth
3. Scene you before
4. Bullet for my enemy
5. Thirteen and half
6. Lost for words
7. Cutthroat
8. Dragged out and shot
9. Nothing
10. You ll be sorry

1177 UNBREAKABLE "Demo 2007" (cd-r) pix in the database

Ok. Well produced, well performed, but i guess there's something missing quite evident : maturity and temper. Too many bands nowaday follow the path of this "modern beatdown hardcore stuff", but god they all got the same sound. That's a good try anyway, perseverance and maybe some time should resolve that problem, as well as influences from the mid 90' metal hardcore. Oh and the cover is nice, but CDC have already done that one...
by xpierrex


1. Traitor
2. Heartless
3. Dead to me
4. Hard against the hard

1176 THESE ARE THE DAYS "Demo 2005" (cd-r) pix in the database

They say it's a demo, i say it's more an ep with 8 tracks bounded to quality and positive spirit. In the vein of a Champion or With Honor, These Are The Days spread a fast and passionate old school hardcore with melodic guitars, sing alongs, introspective lyrics : quite a classic, but there's also some untypical breackdowns making this record standing a bit appart of the rest of the scene. Promising and well spirited, the band didn't pass the year and broke up few months after releasing the demo. Sad ...
by xpierrex


1. Twentytwo
2. Anchor
3. Save The World
4. October To December
5. Team Song
6. Final Plea
7. Back To Back
8. Save The World
9. October To December (Live)

1169 NO GUTS NO GLORY "Hardcore college" (cd) pix in the database

No Guts No Glory is a good surprise for a french band who seems to be a fun formation of crazy dudes. Despite a great sense of humour who often leads to mediocrity in music their first effort named "Hardcore College" is fucking tight and well done : 8 tracks of old to new school hardcore without concession, and the ensemble got a surprising production for a DIY release. This is cool and fun, let's hope they will find a label in the future.
by xpierrex


1. To my true friends
2. THe kid
3. Because we are five
4. On my own
5. Dude Rocks
6. So much pain
7. Use your head
8. Bitterness

1156 ANOTHER DAY "S/t" (cd-r) pix in the database

Spanish metalcore influenced by Caliban, Morning Again, Akangel


1. Breathe
2. How to forget?
3. Caged in life
4. From the depth of lamentation
5. At the point of death

1155 TASTE THE STEEL "Demo 2006" (cd-r) pix in the database

Pennsylvania hardcore


1. Blind society
2. Deception
3. 11/04/04
4. Racial bureaucracy
5. Dead city

1137 PETE MOSH "The world is a gym" (cd-r) pix in the database

For Pete Mosh, the world is a gym. And when you hear these 5 tracks, there is no doubt about it : they love the dance, the attitude and the fun. Nothing new, but who cares? The sound tends to be classic hardcore mixed with some beatdown influences, sometimes really near Madball (especialy the singer) but more modern in its approach of song structures. Fresh and groovy, the perfect soundtrack if you want to practice at home your 2-step or your enraged windmill. The gym-power of Pete Mosh is recommended for every athletic mosher.
by xpierre


1. What you saw is what you get
2. What is real ?
3. Pete Mosh
4. Resignation
5. I really don't like you

1127 PIECE BY PIECE NYC "Live demo" (mcd) pix in the database

PIECE BY PIECE formed in New York in the beginning of 2006. We all met eachother in the mid 90's, playing in bands and being involved in the east coast hardcore scenes. We all grew up on a heavy diet of hardcore, punk,and metal. Being influenced by bands like INTEGRITY and HATEBREED, we tuned-down our guitars and went to work. While the overall plan was to write heavy music with reality based lyrics, we can't help but get a little evil once in a while and write a song like "CRAWL", which is just pure violence. The song on this page is from a live recording we did. We mixed it and it came out better than we expected.......thanks to Sound Move Studios in Long Island, N.Y. So we started this page to give everyone a taste. There's plenty more violence to come !!!!!


1. Crawl
2. Folder

1114 VERSUS "El mundo en guerra" (cd) pix in the database


1. maldad eterna
2. brecha abierta
3. a las puertas
4. versvs
5. desterrado
6. la senda del perdedor
7. no va a parar
8. respuesta armada (el mundo en guerra
9. mi sentencia
10. perdiendo la fe

1101 4 IN THA CHAMBER "Memories die" (cd) pix in the database


1. Intro
2. Supremacy
3. No Tomorrow
4. The End of Forever
5. The Walking Hollow
6. 1000 Threats
7. Eyes of a Liar
8. A Few Pills Short
9. Memories Die
10. Blame Yourself
11. Existence

1083 FIRST BASE "Reach out" (cd-r) pix in the database


1. Elusive
2. Breaking the bond
3. Reach out
4. Hunger

1070 ARISE OF JUDGEMENT "A war to end it all" (cd-r) pix in the database

Promising young straight-edge hardcore band from Norway. This outfit is mainly influenced by the italian edge metal scene with acts like Purification, Sentence. For the moment, it's a lil bit similar but i am sure they will find their own identity soon. If you are down with this kind of metallic hardcore and straight-edge commitment, don't wait no longer and pick this first demo up. I think Arise Of Judgement will follow the path of their brothers in arms Purified In Blood.


1. All for one
2. A war to end it all
3. Screams of vengeance
4. Cant tear us down

1063 EMBERS "The bird fly again" (cd)


1. Invented martyr
2. Blindness towards the light
3. Emotions that slowly die
4. The wound in my bleeding soul

1019 PAST GLORIES "Demo 2001" (cd-r)

With member of Down My Throat
Helsinki hardcore is very well known today all over the globe by quality bands like Bolt, Down My Throat and Cutdown. Among those more known bands there's of course also a whole bunch of smaller bands who aren't that well known, to add, even in our country. One of those bands who never did much more than few recordings and played some shows was Past Glories. This band featured Down My Throat's guitarist Antti, who is known as a quite genius when it comes writing songs and a from vocalist from another not so known band, now defunct, The Unloved. By the way Unloved had three vocalists, but in Past Glories vocals are done by one of those three, specificly a man known as Kalle BTBC. Drums were played by Lauri from Bolt and bass dutied were handled by Jukka, who at that time also played in Down My Throat. I just have to stop and wonder how one man can write so many darn good riffs, cause Past Glories does not fall behind even if compared to Down My Throat. Past Glories only did one demo and was featured with fellow Helsinki band, Cutdown and on a 4-way split cd titled Fuck The World (Superhero Records).


1. Thru the ice
2. Too many times
3. Doomsday
4. Sinking ship
5. Set backs
6. To glory we are bound
7. Gratitude
8. Two year face
9. Burning bridges & broken dreams
10. Dead friends

1017 MEANT TO LAST "Nla style" (cd-r)

Numela hardcore future members of Field Of Hate, Bleeding Heart, Sauruzz.


1. Sxe pride 99
2. Taste my anger
3. Out of control
4. Face your judgement

990 CIPHER "Recognize" (cd) pix in the database


1. Mic chech
2. Coalescence
3. They will fall
4. Headchech
5. Clockwork
6. Howedo
7. The 7th
8. Reactions
9. Culture s son I
10. Culture s son II

977 AWOKEN "Demo 2005" (mcd) pix in the database

965 FROM MY HANDS "From hatred to justice" (cd)


1. from hatred
2. Forever in my heart
3. The unnamed spring
4. Torrent of hatred
5. Bloodbrothers
6. Right decision
7. Vendetta
8. Neverrending doubt
9. The difference
10. To justice

955 BY MY HANDS "Demo" (cd-r)

Promising hardcore band from Scotland.

927 TYRANT "Demo 2004" (cd-r) pix in the database

Heavy straight-edge hardcore coming from Detroit featuring ex members of xTrephinex, Driven By Fire, King of Clubz. Sick stuff, music is heavy as hell with lot of breakdowns and moshparts. Only vocals bother me, i think it 's not enough powerfull and raw, but get this shit and make your own judgement.


1. Intro
2. Our Call
3. Til My Last Drop
4. xDeviantx

922 SOLDIER "Tras lineas enemigas" (cd)

Soldier is the first band from Mexico that i have given airtime. I was waiting some old school stuff but Soldier is into Metalcore tunes. All Lyrics are in spanish, tracks are powerfull and well written. Support Latino Hardcore.


1. Un proximo fin
2. Vacio
3. Agresion
4. Truce betrayed
5. Con los dios vendados
6. Sin perdon
7. Soldado fenix
8. Devastacion

918 COMUN Y CORRIENTE "S/t" (cd-r) pix in the database

Santiago di Chili hardcore kingz.

912 ACEDIA "Everyone you lovve will eventually die" (cd)


1. St narcissus of the flies
2. The fall of a juggernaut
3. Ghost in the photograph
4. A face that launched one thousand ships
5. The swarms will come to slaughter the hogs
6. Scarred angel wings
7. Decret romanum pontificum

908 ONFALL "The hardcore connection" (cd)

Worldwide hardcore split with Cain from Milano and Comin' Correct from USA.

905 SPITFIGHT "Knife leaving corpse" (mcd) pix in the database

After a good first diy 3 songs demo, KLC's hardest are back at it again with their first selfproduced MCD "Knife leaving corpse". Seven hard-hitting tracks carved in the pure metalcore style. It goes without saying that Spitfight finds its inpiration in acts such as Kickback, All Out War, Arkangel; but the band has been able to be a bit more inventive by putting some old school parts who reminds me Knuckledust.
This debut CD is full of some great riffs, raging guitars tones and coupled with angry pissed off vocals.
Spitfight contributes a lot in bringing back Strasbourg in the french hardcore scene. Make sure to pick this CD up.


1. Payback for pain
2. Klc
3. By my side
4. Spit the fight
5. Live your betrayal
6. Primaire
7. Stab to death

904 6 DTC "S/t" (cd-r)

903 GET LOST "Demo 2005" (cd-r) pix in the database

900 SPITFIGHT "Demo" (cd-r) pix in the database


896 LOST IN BATTLE "S/t" (cd-r) pix in the database mp3 in da base

After a solid release with their first MCD, Bordeaux metalcore heroes are back at it again with a new 3 songs demo. The style is the same but a bit more violent; sometime early Deadlock comes to my mind. Crushing guitar riffs, epic and emotional tunes, enraged vocals, Lost In Battle delivers a blistering metallic hardcore assault that will leave you wanting more. I definitely recommend this cd.


1. Alone with fear
2. White shadows
3. Slowly death

892 AT HOPES END "Demo" (cd-r)


890 CAMORRA "Guidance" (cd-r)

Being reviewed


1. Agonizing
2. Revenge to yours
3. ...Then she died

887 SPIT YA TEETH "Demo 2006" (cd-r) pix in the database


1. Lost for words
2. Price to pay (our scene)
3. Scene you before

883 MONSIEUR PO "S/t" (cd-r) pix in the database

Paris edge-metalcore in the vein of Reprisal, Sentence. This is their first effort. Support them and get this diy demo !


1. The Fourth Rider
2. Seppuku
3. New World Order
4. D.I.Y. (+intro)

875 MORNING AGAIN "The cleanest war" (mcd) pix in the database


1. Turning over
2. Family ties
3. America on line
4. Minus one
5. Remedy

867 TOGETHER WE FALL "Tws" (mcd)


864 CLAIM THE CROWN "Who s the king ?" (cd-r) pix in the database

Claim The Crown was founded in August 2005 after the vocalist, guitarist and bassist of Point The Way decided to go for a different musical direction. A new drummer who has been playing for a couple of bands such as Snippet was found in no time. A new guitar player who has been playing for a band in Sofia/Bulgaria called TRUBORN was found as well.
"Who is the king ?" is the first effort of this outfit outta Ausburg - Germany. The band plays a classic and powerfull hardcore in the vein of Hoods, Shattered Realm and Cease To Exist. It's not the new hardcore revelation but it 's enough to fuck your ass off and bring other bands to their knees. Claim The crown had already shared stages with acts such like Most Precious Blood, Turmoil, To Kill, Zero Mentality, Providence...Support them and get this shit kids !


1. Cowardice meets justice
2. Black hearts
3. Kissing the concrete
4. t.w.l.f

860 REDLINE "This day" (mcd)


1. Relentless
2. My world
3. Fixture
4. Inner shell
5. Losing my wits
6. Sick

859 NASTY "The beginning" (cd-r) pix in the database mp3 in da base

This is THE SHIT you have to get if you are into beatdown hardcore. This belgian outfit gives us a pissed off and straight in your face heavy beatdown hardcore which completly reminds me old Crawlspace's stuff, brutal hardcore with a hint of metal, artwork with comics etc...
Each song is a bloody war, machine-gun-double-pedal, heavy incisive down tempo crowned by the rawest and nastiest vocals i have ever heard. Yes, you got it, the name of the band totally fits with the atmosphere they deliver. Keep an eye wide open on these guys, i can feel we will be soon talking about them again.


1. The beginning
2. The boys
3. Famebitch holocaust
4. Picknik
5. Zweifel
6. Just us

832 IRATE "Burden of a crumbling society" (mcd) pix in the database


1. Transcendence
2. Straight up
3. Gone
4. Bronx unity
5. Central park
6. 11 34

831 FOR THE GLORY "Drown in blood" (cd) mp3 in da base


1. Drown in blood
2. To your place
3. Fal in disgrace
4. Wont crawl on my knees
5. Dont dive headfirst into shallow water
6. Worth to try
7. Something wont last forever
8. Then you die

extra video

816 RESTRAINT "Until the end" (cd-r) pix in the database

Tracklist :

1. Until the end
2. Fight back
3. The final hope

814 HANDS UPON SALVATION "Celebrate the newborn" (mcd) pix in the database mp3 in da base

Another great metallic hardcore band from Indonesia. Formely known as "Destruct", these guys have been around since 1998. After some different problems of line up, they finally found a solid one and decided to change their name into Hands Upon Salvation.
"Celebrate the newborn" is their first effort, released in 2004. The sound quality is not really good but we dont care about that ! Hands Upon Salvation plays an evil and pissed off metallic hardcore who reminds us the early H8000 hardcore style. If you are into bands like Purgatory, Deformity, Days Of Suffering, Congress...It's worth to check them out. Support the Indonesian Hardcore scene.


1. Power to awake
2. Breathing by obscurity
3. Down to the extinction
4. As the sky fall
5. A thousand crying eyes

812 ST HOOD "S/t" (cd-r) pix in the database mp3 in da base


807 PULLING TEETH "Demo 2005" (cd-r) pix in the database mp3 in da base

Baltimore Hardcore hell bent on devestation. Featuring members of Slumlords, The Spark, Never Enough and Ruiner.PT play very metal influenced hardcore that's best described as a cross between Systems Overload-era Integrity meets Haymaker/Left For Dead.


1. The kids are not alright
2. Bledding to death
3. Sand and cells

804 VENGEANCE THEORY "S/t" (cd-r) pix in the database

Maryland brutal hardcore. Demo released in 2000 .


1. His slow decent into mediocrity
2. Fuck it up
3. Guilty until proven dead
4. Rid the cancer
5. Feign
6. Prove me wrong
7. To each his own

803 PRIMAL AGE "The light to purify" (mcd) pix in the database mp3 in da base

Crushing edge metal with a strong message from France (Gisors);
Ths is their first mcd, that sounds differents compared to their two previous songs on the overcome records "in this otherland" compilation.
Expect a metallic slayerish hardcore with enraged screaming vocals not unlike Arkangel. A good surprise for the french ahrdcore scene.
Released on the guitarist's record label ! support it, buy this shit !


1. Innocence
2. Reflexion
3. Difference
4. Endchild
5. Blinded by cruelty

791 SWEAR TO GOD "2003 demo" (cd-r) pix in the database mp3 in da base

Coming straight out of Western Massachusetts, Swear To God was formed in March of 2002 by bassist Leo Lombardozzi and drummer John Gamble with the intent of bringing back hardcore into a metal saturated scene.
The band started modestly as a simple project to write a few songs and put out a demo for their clique. Needing an additional member for practices they
enlisted Neil Olinski on guitar. By July of that year, and with John pulling
triple duty on drums, vocals, and second guitar, the 3-piece had recorded a
demo worthy of representing what Swear To God could sound like. Over the course of the next year nearly 500 copies were distributed throughout the Northeast as word spread quickly about this new "brutal band".
On the strength of this demo the band played its first couple shows in western Massachusetts and Connecticut. Needing a full line up they enlisted guitarist Adam Fisher (Fear For Your Life) and original singer Nate Roshkind
(formally Connecticut's now defunct Untold Truth).
Shortly thereafter Swear To God parted ways with Nate and over the course of the next year played shows with a revolving lineup of fill-in members from such bands as Fight Night, Fear For Your Life, and Violent Reality.
The band played over a dozen shows under these circumstances in much of New England, New York, and Pennsylvania, as well as a growing number of shows at home in Western Mass where it was evident the band was gaining a loyal following.
From opening shows in the tri state region to headlining spots as far as nine hours from home in Pittsburgh and Erie, PA, Swear To God was spreading their music far and wide while getting people talking throughout the country.
After a few failed attempts at finding a full time drummer or singer, long time friend Jamie Riddle moved back home to Western Massachusetts from Brooklyn, NYC in July 2003 to become the drummer.
Swear To God recorded
songs for a second widely distributed demo during November of 2003 and soon after joined forces with Jeremy Leary who took over vocal duties.
Nevertheless, the band still went through a revolving door of member changes over the next couple years, all the while maintaining the stability to play shows. During the late spring of 2005 the band will release a split with
friends Recon and Killing Floor. Look out for an EP in the future.
If you dig heavy stuff like Hatebreed, Bulldoze, Death Threat, Swear To god is for you !


1. You make me sick
2. Nothing But Enemies
3. Look At Yourself
4. Live To Regret

780 PSYKE PROJECT "Samara" (cd)

Damn it, i 'am ashamed to admit that i have never heard from this band so far and that s what i call a loss !!! This five piece come straight outta Copenhagen, Denmark and have been around since 2001............currently reviewing


1. Prelude
2. Gliding shadows
3. It was spoken in the dark
4. Blood red sun
5. Never like judas
6. Broken promise
7. The last movement of a nearly dead tree
8. Get stronger
9. Not in december

774 COUNT TO REACT "Demo 2004" (cd-r)

Paris Hardcore is back on the map with this promising new outfit. Count To React's music is a great and powerfull interchange between Metalcore and oldschool hardcore orchestred with 2 frontmen (oldschool versus newschool vocals style).
CTR has already played a bunch of shows and shared stages with bands like Kikcback, 25 Ta Life, Irate... Not a good onstage presence for the moment, but i think it s gonna change.
Watch out for these guyz, you won t be disappointed.


773 INCARNATE "A dark age of lies" (cd-r) pix in the database mp3 in da base

Incarnate has been around since 2003 and is evolved out of the ashes of Counterpart (Dutch old school hardcore not unlike Backfire!)
"A dark age of lies" is their first self-produced demo and what a promising debut ! "The band's mission: bring you some non-compromising and in your face hard rocking music." that's we can read on their biography. I think these guys easily succeeded their mission.
Incarnate structures its songs with metal slants & inciting heavy-slowed moshing hardcore powered by the rawest vocal of Netherland i ve ever heard. The result is really brutal and hard like a rolling tank. The heaviness and slowness of each track reminds me bands like Crowbar, Cease To Exist. That's what i mainly retain: HEAVY - SLOW and straight in your face. If you like moshing your ass off, check this record out.


1. Stronghold
2. Hate
3. State of mind
4. New day
5. Day of suffering

769 SUBTERFUGE "Our own terms" (cd) pix in the database

Hardcore band straight outta Long Island . These 3 guyz play a sweet blend of old and new school hardcore. 16 songs of heavy old school hardcore packed with singalongs, breakdowns and circle pit mayhem, this cd helped propel Subterfuge to the top of the LIHC scene. In the vein of Sick Of It All, Carry On, Madball.
Here s their complete discography:
4 song demo on Fungis Records
Fight Back CD/7 on Pride Recordz
Promo 99-split cassette with Double Crossed on Pride Recordz/DIY Records
Our Own Terms-full length out soon on Pride Recordz
Redefine the Rockstar vol 1-compilation on 3:16 Productions
Screams of Truth-compilation on Fullswing Records
Smithtown & Friends-compilation on Pride Recordz
This Means War-compilation on Sadistic Records
Time Capsule 2000-compilation on Blacklight Records
Why We Are, The Way We Are-compilation on DIY Records.


1. Intro
2. The way it s always been
3. Til the end
4. Too strong
5. Youth prevail
6. No right
7. Shine from my light
8. Underhanded
9. Never again
10. True friends
11. Sideshow
12. 98
13. Take a stand
14. Extinguished flame
15. Where i stand
16. The eyes of ignorance

765 START OF THE END "Terror is me" (cd-r)

Never heard of this band before receiving this cdr demo.
Start Of The end come from Cambrai in the north of France. For those who know the scene overthere, SOTE feature ex-member of Firestorm.
I dont have a bunch of infos on them, they seem to be on the road since early 2003, played the Betiz Fest 2004 and already shared stages with bands like Sworn Enemy, Knuckledust, Drowning, Bloodshot, Do Or Die just to name a few.
"Terror is me" is their first album and what a promising debut cd !!
Ten tracks which drown you in few seconds in the abyss of a dark low-rhythm deathcore mixing heavy parts with epic and metallic riffs like german bands. The whole stuff is really gloomy and oppressive; vocals are mainly turned to death metal style.
A really great and encouraging stuff which predict good things for the future.
Actually, the band is looking for a records label, so if you are interested, get in touch with them.



749 CUTDOWN "Kontula style" (cd-r) mp3 in da base

Brutal tuff guy hardcore straight out of Hellsinki-Finland. Everybody know these finnish bands: Bolt, Down My Throat, Morning you can add Cutdown on your list dood.
Cutdown was formed late 2001. After some practising Cutdown went to red 5-studios in late april 2002 to record this 4 song demo "Kontula style". 3 songs out of 4 from "Kontula style" demo were also released on a 4-way split cd with Past Glories (fin), 1 Million Thoughts (ger) and Broken Bones (UK) by Superhero-records from Germany.
"Kontula style" is in the vein of thoug guy hardcore stuff. It s not original but energy and power are here. All songs played with low tempo, heavy as hell - fast parts combined with breakdowns and moshparts. This is the band for breaking bones in da pit in Finland. Music for the pit like we say in Paris. If you are into Hatebreed, Irate, you will dig Cutdown.
One regret, the sound volume is really low. i cant wait to discover the next stuff of this band. Check em out!

745 CALLISTO "Ordeal of the century" (cd) mp3 in da base

A l'

739 SLUMLORDS "Demo 2003" (cd-r) pix in the database mp3 in da base

New band from Baltimore featuring members of Breakdown, Commin Correct, Day Of Mourning, Next Step Up.
Slumlords play a mix of 80's Hardcore with Street Punk / Oi hints. This is Jeff Breakdown on vocal, you know what to expect. 3 songs + a cover of THE CLASH ( Career Opportunities).
A full lenght cd should hit the streets soon.

736 ES LA GUERILLA "...the movie" (cd) pix in the database

-full review soon-

Enfin in da street apres plusieurs mois de gal

733 LOST IN BATTLE "S/t" (mcd) pix in the database mp3 in da base


731 LOVE HOPE AND FEAR "Rose" (mcd)

- review soon -

730 CHEECH "A day late and a dollar short" (cd) pix in the database mp3 in da base

Boston Oldschool hardcore

5 gars de Boston , MA (sc

728 BACKHAND "2003 demo" (cd-r)

God damm it !!!! this band is awesome !!! BACKHAND is from Baltimore (usa) , this is their 2k3 demo, only 4 songs of hell, but you know what you get full in your face !!!! really dynamic, "peachy" , danceable as fuck,expect a good mix old school hardcore with brutal hardcore !!!
You have to check it out quickly !!!!

727 WASTED DAY "Thought you were safe" (cd-r)


719 ONE MORE ATTEMPT "S/t" (cd)

Review soon

718 PUNCH YOUR FACE "S/t" (cd-r) pix in the database mp3 in da base

PUNCHYOURFACE began January 2003 when INTERNAL BLEEDING's Franky Mitz and Jerry IB grew tired of inactivity, they decided to creat a whole new kind of wrecking ball which would draw influences from every single NYHC band as well as Death Metal. After writing 2 songs, Frank and Jerry, known hereafter as PUNCHYOURFACE, still needed members and as fate would have it GFY split up. Adding hard hitting drummer Justin, bass player Myke Diesel and guitarist Matty Bones. Vocalist James Murphy (ex-25 ta Life) was added in January 2004. PUNCHYOURFACE played their 1st show in Queens, NY on July 13 2003. The rest will be history, bitches...

Two songs demo 2003, expect a great aggressive NYHC in the vein of Spider Crew, Sworn Enemy.
PUNCHYOURFACE and yeah we're back again
Giving emo kids something to cry about
You got long hair and your sister's pants
You need to fucking die, I'm gonna fucking throw up !!!!

717 COVERHATE "S/t" (cd-r)

Review soon

COVERHATE was born in the year 2000, of the association of two members from SURGE OF FURY anxious from to recover their stands from predilection, this is have to tell, Sam have the battery and Most to song. They propose have the former guitarist from BRAINSCAN, Phil, from joining have them. This is thereof trio what starts the group and consists the first titles of group, then do research one's bassist, thing suitable with the arrival from K-fi, bassist coming one's any other universe musical, the heavy-metal 80' and the doom. Have them four they offer the first ones concert from COVERHATE have the zone (liege)and one can to tell that they take back a certain success. Fancy the style musical of group, Aubry comes it joining to group, coming from EXCAVATED a group death's metal, he brings one touch technical the added to compositions of group.
After 1 year and half from good and loyal services the group make decisions of himself separating from K-fi thereof the substitute by Lorenz, bassist from JAUNTY STEP, have thereof judging upon stage.
COVERHATE purposes one Hard -core strong going of old-scool to mid tempo very lumbering, all that that it would is necessary to make to move the public.
The group has registered its first demo to the month of february 2003 that contains three titles giving one view of the directory of group.

704 AS WE FIGHT "The darkness of apocalypse has fallen before us" (mcd) pix in the database mp3 in da base

Soon mouflon

703 EVISCERATE AD "What lies ahead" (cd)

excellent split cd 10 titres avec 2 groupes montant de la sc

702 BROKEN OATH "What lies ahead" (cd) pix in the database

excellent split cd 10 titres avec 2 groupes montant de la sc

698 CEASE TO EXIST "Demo 2003" (cd-r) pix in the database

Brutal Tough Guy Hardcore from USA excellent !!!!

692 LAST QUIET TIME "Demo" (cd-r) pix in the database

Des cendres de Value Driven nait Last quiet time, groupe de old school hardcore parisien, straight edge et fier de l'

691 LAST QUIET TIME "Demo" (7) pix in the database

Des cendres de Value Driven nait Last quiet time, groupe de old school hardcore parisien, straight edge et fier de l'

683 DOWN FOR LIFE "It's always the same old story" (mcd) pix in the database

Ba voil

677 UPPERHAND "Hope for nothing" (mcd)

Coming soon

662 I AM AFRAID TO DEPRESS "S/t" (mcd) mp3 in da base

Review soon

661 OUTFACE "Pr" (cd)

Avec dej

655 H TRAY "First demo" (cd-r)

Leur premiere demo !! tres bon groupe francais originaire du Sub !

651 NONE SHALL BE SAVED "Choose your side" (cd-r) pix in the database mp3 in da base

Une formation marseillaise qui vient une fois de plus nous prouver que ces enfants du soleil savent nous mettre des claques en mati

645 TREMORS "Fire" (cd-r)


644 NO REFLEXION LEFT "Demo 2003" (cd-r) pix in the database mp3 in da base

DIY enrage fast old school from Paris . review soonnnnnnnnn

637 DOWNSHOT "King of the meek" (cd)

The new cd !!! netherland hardcore!!!

634 SHORTCUT "Join the battle" (cd) mp3 in da base

9 songs of Germany old school hardcore fury ! check this out !

633 STRIKE BACK "S/t" (cd-r)

Review soon

629 GAMENESS "S/t" (cd) pix in the database mp3 in da base

Nouvel album des parisiens, nouveau style, nouvelle approche. Un tr

624 BY MY FISTS "Demo 2003" (mcd)

La voil

621 BLEEDING HEART "2 song promo" (cd-r) pix in the database mp3 in da base

2 songs killer promo featuring songs "Dead Man Walking" and "Stabbed in the Back" - Bleeding Heart hails from Finland .

620 CHOLERIC "Weed out the week , when the sun goes down" (cd)

Coming soon

619 STRUGGLING TIME "S/t" (cd-r)

Coming soon

618 ONE SHOT EYE "His last will" (mcd) pix in the database mp3 in da base

Coming soon

612 OPPOSITION OF ONE "I try to understand this" (cd) mp3 in da base

Opposition of One's music is brutal and intense, always with a good groove and some metal influences to keep the music interesting. With fast parts, heavy breakdowns and tons of riffs you can mosh to, Opposition of One delivers everything you need to have a good time at a hardcoreshow. Take the breakdowns of Figure Four, the moshparts of Hatebreed, the heaviness of Disrespect and the groove of Madball and you will get an idea of what Opposition of One sounds like.
Founded in fall 2000 Opposition of One played many shows and big festivals like Freakstock, Christmas Rock Night, Peacedog-Fest and Rock on Rock, and played in several European countries. The band already shared stages and toured with bands like Figure Four, Norma Jean, Born From Pain, Blindside, The Blamed, Never Face Defeat, Settle The Score and made a name as a incredible liveband.
Opposition of One is built to last in a fast-paced scene and bring the spirit back with a positive christian message combined with dynamic, passionate liveshows.
Expect their debut full length in early 2004.

600 PURGATORY "Hate and fear" (cd) pix in the database mp3 in da base

Purgatory fait malheureusement partie des groupes fran

592 THE KYDS VS COLUMBUS "S/t" (cd-r) pix in the database mp3 in da base

With a band name like this you just don

581 LAWSTREET 16 "Demo 2002" (cd-r)

Eh you, triple yeah!!!

575 INSIDE ME "La ira de los vivos" (mcd) pix in the database mp3 in da base

Madrid Hardcore Kings !!! they played at St Feliu Fest past summer.

568 TEARS FROM THE SKY "Demo" (mcd) pix in the database

562 BERZERKERS "Cut throat words" (cd)

Ce groupe new yorkais est du pur punk


Crustcore !!!!!!!!!!!

556 FOREST IN BLOOD "What a wonderful world" (mcd) pix in the database

Paris brutal hxc - KFC represent - their new cd !!!

540 LIFETORN "Our fight for" (cd-r) pix in the database mp3 in da base

Metallic hardcore from Gisors

534 DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR "Wartime" (cd) pix in the database

Hard mosh band from outside Boston. This band is promising, you have to check it out. With a such name you guess that their music is in the same vein as Hatebreed.

Traclisting :


523 A SHROUD CAST OVER "S/t" (mcd)

Melodic Hardcore from Milwaukee

522 DISTURB "The last resort" (cd) mp3 in da base

Hailing from Marseilles, SouthFrance, Disturb has been build up in March 1999.
After released a 3 songs demo in 2000 allow them to promote their music and to find easily some shows in their area, the group goes in studio one year later recording their debut MCD "The last resort", which one is on their own record label, Locust On Fire Records.
Disturb play an energic newschool hardcore with an old school hint.
Two vocalists do the show, it s powerful but one of the voices is little bit high. The music is well made and tight. it s a good debut MCD for Disturb, which should predict them all the best for the future and maybe wake up the south french hxc scene...


512 VILE "Empire down" (mcd) mp3 in da base

507 GALAHAD "Dark anthem" (mcd) pix in the database

Brutal Evil & Dark Hardcore from Rennes, in the vein of AWOL

499 AS WE BLEED "" (cd)

498 FINAL STAND "The only certainly in life is death" (mcd) pix in the database

Pennsylvania heavyweight. Heavy straight out hardcore in your face. Lot of moshparts mixed with crazy chugs parts. If you like bands like Hatebreed, check them out now !!!!


1. Stand on your pedestal
2. Not born with hatred
3. Every life destroyed
4. To all those...
5. Till my dying breath
6. Not one more tear

488 CROWLEYS PASSION "Demo" (cd) pix in the database

477 FULL BLOWN CHAOS "S/t" (mcd) pix in the database

20min15 , 5 titres !!! Il n


Great 5 song demo cd released in 1999. World Indifference is a project band by Jon Biviano of Windfall and ex-Supertouch fame.


1.Man or mess
2. Broken times
3. Function without
4. Out of style
5. Stalemate

456 V/A STAND UP #1 "Da new french hxc generation" (cd)

430 UNSUNG "Tetsu" (cd)

425 UNFOUND "S/t" (tape)

421 UNDERGROUND SOCIETY "Dreadful days" (cd)

419 TWENTY ONE ENEMY "Demo" (mcd)

407 TIME HAS COME "S/t" (cd)

Time Has Come was an old school hardcore band from Mansfield, Oh. from 1997 to 2001. Scott (drums), Chris (guitar), and Keith (bass) have been playing together since '94 in a local metal/ hardcore band called Hostile Environment. T (vocals) joined Hostile towards the end of their existence, and went on to form Time Has Come with Tony from Face Value as a second guitarist. The band recorded a 10 song demo in 1997 at MARS Studios in Cleveland, and recorded 5 more songs 1998. With the demo, the band got signed to CI Records which released two 7"s in 1999. In 2000 the band has released two CD's, a 22 song CD: TAUGHT BY THE BEST, and 3 new tracks recorded at MARS Studios in May of 2000 for a CD/EP called: WORK, DRINK, PLAY.


1. Worse comes to worse
2. I'm through
3. Cant handle it
4. Conflict of views

406 TIED DOWN "S/t" (tape)

403 THROWDOWN "Do it yourself" (cd) pix in the database

402 THROWDOWN "S/t" (mcd) pix in the database

392 CDC "Demo 2003" (cd-r)

Pennsylvania hardcore.


1. Cool Dudes Chillen
2. Crowd War
3. Face The Barrel
4. My Victory
5. This is forever

381 STONE EDGE "Pain and pleasure" (mcd)

373 SPECIAL MOVE "End of level boss" (tape) pix in the database

372 SPACK "Face the fact" (mcd)

367 SLUDGE ! "S/t" (7)


1. Undermuck
2. Thickening of the heart muscle

366 SLEEPING AT LAST "There s a quiet understanding" (mcd)

365 SLEEPING AT LAST "Live at Chicago" (mcd)

357 SIDELINE "S/t" (mcd)

355 SHOW OF HANDS "S/t" (tape) pix in the database

353 SHORT FUSED "Tolerated vandalism" (cd)

348 SEVERCORE "S/t" (mcd)

341 SARAH "Herzelomp betek an trec h" (tape)

339 SAIDWRONG "Standing on the shoulders of" (mcd)

336 RISING SINISTER "Victory of death" (tape)

319 PURGATORY "Demo" (tape) pix in the database mp3 in da base

Groupe fran

310 PATH LESS TAKEN "S/t" (mcd) pix in the database

305 OVIDE "Demo" (mcd)

304 OUTRAGE "Disharmony brings harmony" (cd)


298 ONE LAST SIN "Cd promo" (tape)

Tracks for the upcoming cd released on RPP in 1999


1. Face of Neglect
2. Mercy
and a ton of other songs

283 NO JUNK FOOD "1680 axial flow" (mcd)

279 NO COMPROMISE "The common disease" (mcd)

276 NESHAMAH "The grass withers and it s flower falls" (cd) pix in the database

Christian South of Africa hardcore !!!!!

270 MOTHERBIRTH "One fine day" (cd)

261 MANHUNT "Revenge volume one" (mcd)

260 MANHUNT "S/t" (mcd)

259 LOYAL 2 NONE "8 minutes of hate" (tape)

258 LOGIC "Straight up chaos" (mcd)

257 LOGIC "2 inches to victory" (mcd)

254 LOCKED IN A VACANCY "S/t" (tape) pix in the database

250 LIGATURE "Extinction agenda" (mcd)

246 LARIAT "Manifesto" (mcd)

233 JETSEX "Demo" (mcd)

229 IRATE "Demo" (mcd) pix in the database

221 INNATE "S/t" (tape)

218 INDICATE "S/t" (mcd)

204 HENTAI "S/t" (mcd)

197 GODSBURN "S/t" (tape)

189 FULL COURT PRESS "S/t" (tape) pix in the database

179 FORECLOSURE "Unfolding thoughts" (7)

173 FIELD OF ILLUSION "Demo2001" (mcd)

172 FIELD OF ILLUSION "Demo2000" (mcd)

170 FAT SOCIETY "Demo" (cd) pix in the database mp3 in da base

Fat Society is one of the good band we need in France - I saw them a while at the Killer Fest with Esprit Du clan, Fist OF fury , No Compromise....Their show was really energic and intense !!! I only heard the name of this band but now, i know what to expect from them. If you like to mosh it up til death, to dance hard, break some bones in da pit :-) dont't wait anymore dood, go and see these guyz on stage !!! They play tuff hardcore in the vein of Hatebreed. The sound quality of their demo is quite crappy, but the music is great ! Cant wait to meet them on stage again.

162 EXPLICIT SILENCE "Demo 2001" (mcd)

St Lo brutal hardcore

161 EXPLICIT SILENCE "S/t" (mcd)

160 ESPRIT DU CLAN "Universel" (mcd) pix in the database

153 END OF DAYS "Three song demo cd" (mcd) pix in the database mp3 in da base

Great metalcore from Germany with members of Copykill !!!! Mosh or die !!! Check this band out, i am sure, they gonna big soon

151 EIGHT DEGREES "Swam the waters" (mcd)

141 DROPGOD "S/t" (mcd)

139 DOWNSHOT "Payback's bitch" (cd)

134 DOGGYSTYLE "Salvation" (mcd)

Nouvelle demo de doggystyle en attente de leur premier cd !!!! titre salvation en ecoute dans unity.

133 DOGGYSTYLE "Self inflicted injury" (cd)

119 D-FACT "The war undone" (cd)

116 DENT "S/t" (mcd)

111 DEFDUMP "Circle's closing" (mcd)


109 DECLINE "Damaged" (mcd)

98 DAY OF CONTEMPT "S/t" (tape) pix in the database

93 CRY FOR CHANGE "S/t" (tape)

92 CROSSBREED "The stamp of hate" (mcd) mp3 in da base

Paris hardcore band featuring 2 members of Kickback.


1. Yes you are safe...
2. The stamp of hate
3. Alternated landscape
4. Those we damned
5. Realm of sin
6. Lost humanity

83 CONVENT "Birth" (mcd) pix in the database

Hardcore band from Toulouse,south of France


California Hardcore !!!

81 CONCRETE WARFARE "S/t" (tape)

71 CIPHER "Protoculture" (mcd) pix in the database

66 CENTER OF ZERO "S/t" (mcd)

57 CARVED IN STONE "Demo" (mcd)

52 CAMERAN "S/t" (mcd)

Ex members of Racial Abuse

51 BUTT PLUG "S/t" (mcd)

45 BREAK OF DAWN "S/t" (tape)

37 BLOODSHOT "Carnal assault upon a" (mcd)

33 BEYOND REASON "The demands of commerce" (mcd)

Staight outta NY.


1. Measurement
2. False idols
3. The wrong solution
4. Complex earth

28 BACKSLAP "Find yourself" (mcd)

Backslap is a 4 piece outfit from Brooklyn NY that wield the power of early Biohazard and Rage Against the Machine on their new album, "FIND YOURSELF." A very crispy sound is a staple of this quartet, from the snap of the drums to the crunch of the guitars. With surprisingly melodic vocals, BACKSLAP do the trick if you like heavy music that isn't stupifying, but instead encourages head bobbing and banging and perhaps a windmill or two. Armed with tight breakdowns, Backslap aren't a one dimensional hardcore scream-a-thon. Instead, they mix the power of hardcore with some hard rock elements to create a solid fist raising experience.

26 AWOL "A way of life" (tape) pix in the database

Rennes Metallic hardcore !!!! The most promising band from this area - Featuring members of the almighty Stormcore.
This is their first stuff. Get your hand on it !

24 AWKWARD THOUGHT "S/t" (tape)

23 AWAKEN "S/t" (mcd) pix in the database mp3 in da base

14 APATHY "What the dead see thru" (cd)

10 ALTERKATION "Heaven hath no fury" (cd) pix in the database

Wow, this really is the discovery of the month! Alterkation play some of the loudest hardcore heard on this side of the coast... reminds me of a cross between a tuned down Earth Crisis and a meaner Hatebreed (can you imagine that?) Obviously, the Alterkation guys have spent a lot of time in perfecting their harmonies... they're always tight and heavy. Drum beats are mostly slow to mid-tempo, although some grind parts are integrated into the listening experience at a later point on the album... and they are very nice! There's also a lot of tough guy attitude felt at all time, now I'm not saying that's always a good thing, but it just so perfectly suits Alterkation... in any case, this is not an album for the faint of heart of the emo-bowl-cuts out there. Hey, notice how the album cover sports the same skull graphic as the one I used for my "back" button? Nice try, guys. Alternate Review: I really had to go at Dr. Disc to find this one. I'd personnally call it a piece of collection. How many bands had a sound that heavy in 1998? If I had to describe that record in a word, it would probably be RAW. Just listen to the vocals and you'll see what I'm talking about. Almost sounds like he's about to spill his guts out just for us. Now, it's important that you keep in mind the year it's been done. Ok. So basically, it's 8 songs packed with heavy stuff, solos to even heavier stuff covered with either deep deep or high pitched vocals. A few enjoyable sing along parts, like on "drowning in my own blood", makes the cd easier to go through. The whole generally goes on slowly with an average recording quality. Guitar solos Godbelow and Integrity style between breakdowns if you know what I mean. The lyrics have been the biggest let down though. Makes me wish I had heard them when it came out because it's nothing new now (maybe was it then). I guess that's the way it worked back in the days. Worth a moment of your attention. DIY - 1999 .

8 ALL IS SUFFERING "S/t" (tape)

7 ALL IS LOST "No hope" (cd) pix in the database

4 AGE OF RUIN "The opium dead" (tape)

Formed in Washington DC in 1998, Age of Ruin was conceived as a band that would blend the melodic elements of Scandinavian metal with the brutality of the heavy American hardcore scene. This endeavor was begun as a four piece consisting of the melodic metal six string styling of guitarist Daniel Fleming along with a crushing rhythm section consisting of drummer Pat Owens and bassist Chris Fleming overarched by the intensity of vocalist Derrick Kozerka.

With the release of the 1998 demo soon after their inception, Age of Ruin played live regularly clenching opportunities to share the stage with national and international metal and hardcore acts such as In Flames, Dillinger Escape Plan, ZAO, Bane, Saves the Day, Hatebreed, and countless others. In 2000, the band put forth their first self-released full length,

3 AFTER THE FALL "S/t" (mcd) pix in the database

2 AFTER ALL "S/t" (mcd)

Even though these guys are from Kentucky, I believe they are one of the best hardcore bands that plays the Cincinatti area. They are a extreme conglomerate of metal/hardcore/aggressive music.
Cincinnati Hardcore at its finest.


1. Ambitions of hate
2. Deathmarch
3. Average Joe



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