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Householdname Records


1326 V/A ONE VOICE RECORDS "Compilation 3" (cd)

Featuring 26 worldwide bands

It s been 8 years and now, we are back for the 3rd compilation with more bands involved from other countries. Passion & faith all wrapped in promoting the real essence of hardcore & punk music.


1. Sideline
2. Kingstreet 57
3. Cruel Revenge
4. Queen City Crew
5. Pledge Of Resistance
6. Driven Fear
7. Punishable Act
8. No!
9. Umbrage
10. Liberal Youth
11. Razorblade Handgrenade
12. Revolt
13. Stronghold
14. Ninebar
15. Meaning
16. Last Call Brawl
17. Ten Bath Per Hour
18. Injury Time
19. Nervous Breakdown
20. Piledriver
21. The Monaco Heartattack
22. Provoke
23. Today Is Struggle
24. Inflict
25. Forefront
26. Survival Of The Fittest

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1325 V/A ONE VOICE 1 "Indonesian hardcore punk attack" (cd)

Featuring 15 bands from Indonesia mixing hardcore and punk


1. Marra
2. xReason To Diex
3. Dont Look Back
4. Tolerance
5. Donor Darah
6. Deadly Eye Candy
7. No More Victim Dead
8. DeadXAlley
9. Sneakers
10. Nodeal
11. Hands Upon Salvation
12. The Jinxz
13. Battle For Freedom
14. Take x One x Step
15. Voting Crew

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Knives Out Records
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