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Householdname Records

NEW EDEN Records

NEW EDEN Records

935 EXTINGUISH "Downfall of Civilisation" (cd)

Very few bands have had the longevity and convictions to maintain a militant vegan straight edge project such as Extinguish that stood the test of time. Extinguish deliver straight metallic hardcore with a message. Members of Memories of Apocalypse (Still Life Records) and Reprisal (Goodlife Records). Limited to 500 copies on colored vinyl.


1. From Within the Beast
2. Downfall of Civilization
3. A Call For Justice

934 OUBLIETTE "Cries of the peaceful" (cd)

Oubliette's debut CD offers up intense metalcore that blends beautiful melodies with dark crushing breakdowns. The vocals are delivered with sincerity and offer a message of sincerity. The lyrics deal with issues of envirmentalism, deep ecology, social oppression, and equality. For fans of Prayer For Cleansing and Undying.


1. The Time We Have
2. In Tolerance
3. Benediction
4. Cries Of The Peaceful
5. A Savage Season
6. To What End?

933 V/A NEW EDEN "S/t" (cd)

Featuring bands like Purified In Blood, Oubliette, Gather, Cherem

932 EYE OF JUDGEMENT "The war has begun" (7) pix in the database

Metal-infused hardcore that brings to mind bands like Earth Crisis, Integrity and Path Of Resistance. EOJ preach animal liberation and a straight edge lifestyle, taking hardcore to new extremes.
Limited to 500 copies of white vinyl.


1. Retaliate
2. Trial By Fire
3. Guilt
4. Moral Supremacy

931 PURIFIED IN BLOOD "Last leaves of a poisoned tree" (cd)

Debut release from this six-piece political vegan straight edge powerhouse from Norway. Seven tracks of blistering metallic hardcore with two vocals, musically akin to likes of Earth Crisis, Undying, Point of No Return, Day of Suffering and At the Gates. Militant lyrics expressing the need to destroy capitalism and liberate the creatures of the Earth from institutions of oppression.


1. Last Leaves Of A Poisoned Tree
2. Stand Ground
3. Prophecy Of Plague
4. Better Off Dead
5. As Death Falls
6. March Of Descruction
7. Forfeit


One Voice Asia Records
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