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Inner Rage Records


766 V/A DEAD SERIOUS "Summer 04" (cd)

Sampler featuring some stuff distributed by Dead Serious Records.
Expect various hardcore style, from old school to new school.
This cd also contains a multimedia part with closer information about the releases and labels.


1. Teamkiller : another day / scars i see
2. Champion : the truth
3. Sex Positions : commin it
4. DonnyBrook ! : what s a little blood
5. Cataract : Nothing s left
6. Another Breath : racing a fading image
7. Physical Challenge : spit in my face
8. Sidekick : words & action
9. Piece By Piece : fuck you most
10. Stand & Fight : perspective
11. Some Girls : now only memories
12. The First Step : the higher taste
13. Terror : another face
14. Unearth : black hearts now reign
15. 100 Demons : time bomb
16. As I Lay Dying : 94 hours
17. Final Fight : dying of laughter
18. Bleed Into One : cut is done
19. Toxic Narcotic : only the wrong survive
20. FOr The Glory : to your place
21. Sledgehammer : your arsonist
22. Zero Mentality : falling down
23. Life Or Death : ultimo aviso
24. Die Young : drawn in quarters
25. Justice : light in the dark
26. No More Fear : one thing we ll share
27. Force Of Change : in too deep
28. More Than Ever : silent & cold
29. The Legacy : dead weight
30. Say Goodbye : they have their place
31. Dead Man Walking : rusty and torn
32. With Or Without You : the precious

715 BURDEN "With every step forward" (mcd) pix in the database

Burden play what the band describes as "metal-free, in-your-face, hardcore" and have no doubts about their sound or their message. Hardcore not unlike Strife, Undertow or Trial...5 new intense straight edge hardcore anthems sure to please...

review soon

667 V/A DEADSERIOUS "Freeware #3" (cd)

Review soon

615 BLEED INTO ONE "Words cant save us now" (cd)

Formed in January 2002 by on of the most sincere, and dedicated maniacs in hardcore.
No band before, burst onto the scene with a brutal live set and a intelligent message. That's hardly to find these days....the inner seed of their scene is BLEED INTO ONE, better say, bled into one.
A unique sound throughout the 7 songs on the MCD. It transcends H-A-R-D.core stereotypes.
Mix up DEATH THREAT and HATEBREED with the spirit of INSIDE OUT and the CRO-MAGS. Music is plain and simple hardcore with a frontman that must be MIKE JUDGE's brother. After a first listening you can imagine why so many call 'em and outstanding hardcoreband.

597 PORTERHALL "Everything I know is stolen" (cd)

Porter hall is a 4 piece emo/punk band from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Everything I know Is Stolen is a collection of every recording made with their current/final lineup. Porter Hall is often compared to bands such as Jawbreaker, Hot Water Music, Leatherface and Samiam.
And one thing you can believe us, this one is by far one of the best releases in this genre since years.
Check this one out !!! You will love it.

596 NEW NOISE PROJECT "The difficulty of definition" (cd)

12 incredible songs from an incredible new band.
This is the one of the finest Emo-Pop-Punk bands since years. Sweet melodies combined with power and emotional parts. They sound like the best moments of Boy Sets Fire and Samiam, combined with a small touch of Saves The Day.


Knives Out Records
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