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Inner Rage Records | Your review of Upperhand

Upperhand ''Hope for nothing '' (cd)

UPPERHAND ''Hope For Nothing'' (bel) CD (
Altough Upperhand are a local and young band from the Herentals-area in Belgium, i still have not had the opportunity yet to see them play live. Our bassplayer tells me i should, as they are pretty convincing and powerful on stage. And i am eager to believe this, after listening to this 6-track-CD for several times. Because this is pretty good energetic stuff. Basically, Upperhand are a six-piece-band playing very metallic (and i mean me-tal-lic) hardcore, with dual vocals that work very well. While one guy does a more deepscreamy voice, the other one is closer to the hardcore-toughguy-type-o-voice (with the ''i do it my way - fuck your way''-attitude). Although this sounds like heavy shit (also check out the lyrics), the band succeeds in maintaining a melodic and somewhat catchy line throughout their songs, also through breaks and especially tempochanges. These recordings were done in a professional studio, although it is clear that the recording and mixing on this CD just lacks that tiny extra bit of power. However this is mostly a studio-problem, not a bandproblem. As this is their first release, i was very positively surprised by what i heared. Comes with all the lyrics you need to shout along. This for sure a band i will be watching in the future. It

» rate: rate:4/5» reviewed 2003-06-04 by Davy

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